Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you all for the support and kind words. I have now taken 4 pregnancy tests and they have all come up positive. I am trying to be cautiously optimistic but I really can't wipe the grin off of my face. This is the farthest we have ever come and now I know that I can actually get pregnant. This is huge!!! Hubby is a bit more reserved and is affraid to say that we are pregnant because he doesn't want to "count the chickens before they hatch". I feel like we have had such bad news for the last 3 years so when we get good news, let's celebrate!!! Yes there are a ton of milestones we have to reach but let's just relish in this success!!! This is my personality I am always 2 steps ahead of what the current situation and it has good and bad side effects. It did not help me during my 2ww because with every cramp I assumed I wasn't pregnant but it is good because I am always planning the next step to move forward.
So I guess I really never thought about life after the illusive 2 lines. I knew there would be a beta but I don't know anything about beta testing. I know that I want the numbers to double and I want a high number but what is a good number for
11dp3dt? I ended up going for an early beta and they are calling me this afternoon with my results.
By the way I am still having really bad cramping. Although they are easier to face now that I have had a BFP they still make me uneasy. I am still terrified that when I go to the bathroom I will see blood.
So yesterday I gave my sister my blog address. She has been curious and I figure she has been such an integral part of this process that it would be harmless. Now I am freaking out a bit. I am worried that I will have written something that is insulting or hurful, or that I won't come across as grateful enough. I have never given anyone (IRL) my blog information because I just don't want people to judge me. I think you need to be infertile to truly understand an infertility blog.
Another question for you ladies. Does anyone know when my first ultra sound might be?
Thanks again for the support!!


  1. My first ultrasound was when I was 8 weeks...However, given that you went through IVF, I would beg them to give you one as soon as they can see heartbeats (not sure when that is 4-6 weeks maybe?)...I am one of those paranoid people who had to see the heartbeat to believe I was pregnant! Lol
    Congrats again! I am super excited for you and look forward to following the rest of your journey! Thank goodness for summer break so you can relax!

  2. Congrats!!! You sound like me when I got my BFP! I was in shock, convinced it didn't work, convinced my period was coming..then the worry of betas, etc. Enjoy the ride! You're pregnant!!! Also, cramping is very good! I had it. It always helped for me to lay down then they went away. Also, I had a 3 day transfer, transferred 3 embies and didn't have any frosties (you posted that question in an earlier post).

  3. OMG! Just catching up and I am SOOOOOOO thrilled for you!!! I was the same way - SO sure it didn't work. But believe it because you are pregnant!!!!! And you deserve this so much!! I know the cramping is scaring you to death. I just hope that you will get awesome beta numbers and your fears will begin to subside.

    I had my first U/S at 6 weeks. They warned me that was the earliest a heartbeat could be seen and it may not be visible yet, but both pregnancies I've had we could see the heartbeats at 6 weeks.

  4. I think another blogger just went in for her ultrasound and the doctors said the earliest you could see heartbeats was 5w6d. So I would probably wait until then, so you can relax a bit.
    On the other hand, I am sure you want to know how many are in there!!!
    I can't wait to hear your results!!!

  5. I just found your blog and was commenting on a post from May when I realized that YOU'RE PREGNANT! It really gives me hope, and I'm still very glad that I found your blog :)