Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Pretty

Things have shifted, as to be expected, in our house and obviously I am my last priority. I don't really care if I am in my pajamas at the end of the day or even if I shower every day. I am in dire need of a hair cut, a hair dye, and a tread mill but I don't care. I might be the only mother of twins who is doing anything she can to pack on the pounds. I assume most women are so busy that they loose pounds in the months after child birth.  I know most of you are thinking, cut yourself some slack. Trust me  I have been cutting myself way too much slack, and pie, and cake....haha.  My time with my boys is the most important and I am the happiest I have ever been.
The only "problem"  is my weight is out of control. Before you roll your eyes, let me clarify that my actual weight isn't the problem it's the fact that I am gaining weight and quickly.  Most moms complain that they don't have time to eat during the day, well this is true. However, and this is a big, even though I don't have time to make a proper meal I eat constantly. I literally ate three chocolate bars today....I know disgusting.... at that was just breakfast The worst part is I don't even like chocolate bars, they were just available so I ate them. I feel like I haven't seen a piece of fruit or a vegetable in two months (maybe because I haven't). I have actually gained weight since giving birth. Unexpectedly after giving birth I lost weight pretty fast, actually surprisingly fast. At my last weigh in before giving birth I was 205 glorious pounds. I know gasp,  I gained 65 during the pregnancy!!!!! Then by 4 weeks after giving birth I was only up three pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (keep in mind I had gained 15 pounds the previous year or two from emotinal eating during my failed IVF rounds). During my pregnancy I watched every bite I ate because of the gestational diabetes so this probably helped maintain my weight.  I have a feeling a lot of my weight was babies (more than 13 ounds worth, water, fluid, and placentas). Anyways, I was down to 143 pounds after just 4 weeks with absolutely no effort. HOWEVER, equally as surprising is my ability to have packed on the pounds in the the past  3 weeks. I stepped on the scale today and I am 150 pounds. Trust me this isn't the end of the world, my boys are worth every pound and so many more. It's just that it has nothing to do with my boys. I have been eating pure junk all the time (ice-cream, donuts, chips, pizza etc.). It is daily and it isn't healthy. I need to control myself. I have no excuse.....or maybe I do. I guess I have two adorable excuses but I don't want to go down this unhealthy path.

 Here I am holding Hudson when he was 6 weeks old
 Here I am about 3 weeks before giving birth.  Yes I got bigger. My face was so swollen!!
 I was only 27 weeks pregnant here. I thought I was going to burst but I had a lot of growing still to do.
 Here I am in the hospital the day before my c-section. Everyone says I don't look that huge but my shirt is begging to be free.  I could barely stand for more than 5 mins.
Here I am four weeks after giving birth.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Months Old

I can't believe the boys are 2 months old already.  Time is flying by and we are enjoying every minute. I feel so grateful to have these two awesome boys in my life.  I can't stop starring at them and have to pinch myself and remind myself that this is really my life. I crossed a train track today and realized that I had nothing left to wish for.  Everything I ever wanted was sitting in the car with me. 
My only complaint so far regarding motherhood is that it is going by way too fast. I wish I could stay in this moment forever.  I keep closing my eyes and telling myself to rememeber every smell, sound and feeling because I want to remember every detail.
Things are moving along and changing so quickly.  The boys look different on a daily basis.  Fynn used to seem so much smaller than Hudson but he seems to be catching up quickly.  Sometimes when I look quickly I can confuse them from a distance because they both have cute chubby cheeks. It's hard to believe that we ever worried about them eating.  It seems like all they do is eat.  Just 2 short months ago we had to use various feeding techniques in an attempt to get the boys to eat between 50-60ml of formula/breast milk. Now we are constantly feeding the boys and they are eating more than 160mls per feeding. I guess it is just a quick glimpse at what it might be like when we have 2 teen aged boys eating us out of house and home.
The boys still seem to have very different personalities.  They are both excellent babies who only seem to cry when they need something (knock on wood).  Hudson seems to be a bit more chilled and relaxed in general and Fynn seems to be  the more serious and observant baby.  Hudson wakes up slowly and stretches and looks around while  Fynn  is a man who seems to know what he wants and isn't affraid to ask for it.....haha.  I am happy that they appear to very different and I can't wait to see their personalities continue to reveal themselves to us.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Boys

Things have been awesome with us, the boys are happy and healthy and growing way too quickly.  Life has taken on a much faster pace and we are barely keeping up but loving every minute of it. Lucky for me Hubby is incredible and completely hands on. My hat goes off to any single mothers or to any parents that have multiples after already having kids. 
I finally have a computer and can start commenting on the blogs I have been following.  For a while I was using G's ipad and couldn't figure out how to comment although I was following everyones progress. 
Here are some pictures of the boys.  Time is flying and they are now 2 months old!!
 Hudson having a bath in the kitchen sink
 Hudson posing with his bunny friend
 Hudson looking cross eyed...haha
 Fynn sleeping in the ridiculous hat mommy made him wear
 Fynn swimming in his jeans
 Hudson waving hello
 Fynn chilling with his animals
 Fynn being serious like he usually is.  Poor guy has some baby acne and loves to flare his little nostrils.
 Another serious face on Mr. Fynn
 Fynn almost smiling.  We have only seen him smile once.
Funny faces from Hudson after his bath