Monday, July 11, 2011

Any moment!!

I know I am going to get my period at any moment. I am aching and my tummy is bloated and the pain from my ovaries has changed to an all over pain (back, uterus, and ovaries). I am miserable and totally emotional. I think I am going to give in and test tomorrow (if I don't start bleeding before that). I had decided not to look when I wipe (I know TMI) when I go to the bathroom because honestly I am a basketcase but that hasn't been working. I just went and noticed there was substantial CM. Now I am convinced I ovulated yesterday. Does that mean it will be another 2 weeks until I would get my period? That will be a total mind F*ck if that happens. Alternatively is that a sign that my period is coming/ I know my lining is thick because of all of the meds but I haven't seen much CM. As I have mentioned before I have been doing my progesterone suppositories rectally so I haven't had much discharge at all. So here I am stuck on the couch again with my legs crossed tight affraid to stand up and for the flow to begin.
Thanks for all of the support and comments. I really appreciate it, I think it is the only thing that makes me semi-sane.


  1. CM can be a sign of pg too....!!!!

  2. Hang in there and try not to over-analyze those symptoms (hard, I know).

  3. here. reading along. won't say i'm still hoping b/c i think you said not to say that the other day. so, yeah. and everyone's symptoms are totally different, so i won't try to say what is and isn't a preg vs AF symptom. but i'm hear ready with chocolate because that can be applied no matter the outcome of this rollercoaster you're stuck on.

  4. ugh. This waiting is the worst!!! I know it's impossible not to overanalyze 'symptoms' but hang in there!!

  5. Hang in there, it is not over until the fat lady sings,

    Many of the early Pregnancy symptoms can be the same as PMS!!!

    Still praying you get your BFP!!!