Saturday, July 2, 2011

An interesting and hopeful day.

Today we went to our fertility clinic wanting to discuss if we were going to go ahead with the 3 day transfer today or if we were able to wait and to do a 5 day transfer. Plus we wanted to make an informed decision on how many embryos to transfer. We arrived and my bladder was extremely full. Last time I went for my transfer it wasn't full so I made sure to wake up early and drink a load of water. When we got there I was ready to go. I have never ever had such a full bladder in my entire life. It would have been manageable if the ultra sound tech hadn't shown up an hour late. I literally had shooting pains down my back and I couldn't even sit down. I told the nurse the pain I was in and she didn't react (I am sure they hear that all of the time). Finally after I begged her to allow me to release a little bit of urine she relented (I guess because it had been an hour of waiting) and I headed to the bathroom. I only let myself pee a tiny bit and it obviously wasn't enough. By the time the ultra sound tech finally arrived I was back in a terrible state. They insisted that I have an external ultra sound to verify that it was indeed full before I realease any more urine and when they realized I was about to burst they allowed me to go back to the bathroom and fill a cup full. Oh sweet, sweet relief! I could finally lie down properly and relax to some extent. Although I do believe it put my body through unecessary traumaat wouldn impact the transfer. I didn't know that you could feel sick because you had to pee. So after I relieved myself we waited for someone to come and discuss if we were allowed to come back on Day 5. I seemed weird that they had me change into a hospital gown, have G change into his surgical outfit, and conduct an ultra sound before the decision had been made. It always seems like they are saying things to pacify us instead of working with us. Although nobody came to discuss the possiblility of a 5 day transfer like we had been promised, I am at peace with our 3 day transfer. Our embies had progressed some from yesterday but I guess they were not exactly what we had first anticipated. We had one embryo that was a 10 cell but was only rated a 3, we had one 9 cell that was rated 1.5, one 8 cell that was rated closer to a 2, one 6 cell that was rated a 1.5, a 5 cell that was rated a 2, and two 4 celled that were rated 2.5. We decided to transfer 3 embryos (wow, I never thought we would do that) because the dr said we were not likely candidates for a multiple pregnancy. I actually don't get why they don't think we could possible have a multiple pregnancy but I went along with it because I wanted to maximize my chances. We decided to transfer the 9 cell, the 8 cell, and one of the little 4 cells. They advised us against the 10 cell because they thought it was lacking somehow and they wouldn't advise us to put the 6 cell in with the others we chose (to reduce the chances of multiples)to throw one of the 4 celled embies in. It is very likely they will arrest by day 5 and won't make it to freezing so why not. The transfer was very painful,and I was sweating and dizzy during the entire process. This was very different from last time and the only thing I can attribute it to is the bladder debaucle. I thought I was going to faint for sure because the pain was ridiculous. I tried my best not to move to make sure that the doctor didn't cause any trauma to the endometrium because of my wiggling. He never told me to stop moving but I know I was rocking in the stirups. He did wait for a long time and told me that he was waiting for things to run clear before he moved out. He said he didn't want to drag anything out. What the heck does that mean? There is nothing I can do about all of this so I will let go of it and believe everything went fine.
Anyways, here we are starting our 2 ww and for the most part I feel great! I feel like there might have been some trauma but I have no pain now so I am going to believe the trauma was outside of my uterus. I am focusing on the positive and truly hoping this works. My sister has 3 beautiful children from the same eggs as I am using this information to make me hopeful that this will work.


  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes, we have very similar cycles. I didn't get a call today, so I will hear from the clinic on Sunday with info on transfer on Monday. I'm praying that we have enough good embryos to transfer. I am praying for you, that this cycle will be your miracle!

  2. Good luck!

    I am praying for your three embies!

  3. Oh yay!!! Congrats on being PUPO!!!! So glad that you're feeling great despite the bladder trauma. :-) And the 2ww ensues....

  4. I am thinking of you adn your three embies!!!!
    I hope your 2ww goes quickly!!