Monday, July 4, 2011

I need success stories!!!

I am looking for some cheering up and who better to ask then my trusty bloggy friends. I am looking for success stories of people who did 3dt but didn't have any embies make it to freeze. I know this is a long shot but I am hoping someone out there prevailed in this situation. Furthermore, I am secretly hoping the embies that were transferred where less than perfect (a girl can dream can't she).I have read about a ton of people who have gotten their BFP with Day 5 blasts and none to freeze but I have yet to come accross anyone in the same boat as me that got a BFP.


  1. I am 17 days away from my due date from a day 3 transfer, we transferred 3 embryos and have one perfect little babe growing like a little weed.

    We also had nothing to freeze.

    So it can happen!!!

    Sending you lots of sticky vibes!!!! As hard as it is, stay positive, it will help your little embryos!!!

  2. Hi there a girl from our AC forum only had one egg out of 9 it was pretty crap quality and her first beta was 700!! So it happens and my good friend haidee just gave birth to a boy after similar situation stay strong!

  3. I'm another 3dt success story and we're having our baby today! I only have 1 ovary and they pumped me full of stims only to get 5 eggs out of me. Out of those 5, 3 fertilized. I was a nervous wreck wondering if any of them would still be around for transfer day.

    All 3 made it to day 3 (I'd have to go back & check my blog but I think they were a 9 cell, an 8 cell (with 25% fragmentation) and a 6 cell. We transferred all 3 since I'm 38. With so few embies, there was no chance we were going to see if we could get them to blast and we had nothing left to freeze.

    Our first u/s showed 2 sacs with yolk sacs but the second u/s showed 1 sac never developed h/b so we've had a healthy singleton pregnancy.

    Good luck!! I really hope that you are the next 3dt success story I read about!


  4. I am 12 weeks pregnant from IVF#5, a 3 day transfer of 2 8-cell embryos...they were the ONLY embryos we had, no it does work. Also, I have a post on May 6th where I talk about my cramps...good luck!!