Friday, February 17, 2012

The Boys Have Arrived

Message from a very proud Auntie Christine:

I'm happy to announce that Kelly & Graham are the proud parents of 2 beautiful baby boys. The boys were born this morning at 10:55 and 10:56. Twin 1 weighed in at 6lbs and Twin 2 weighed in at 7lbs 3oz.

Kelly's blood pressure was creeping up yesterday so they decided to induce her. She spent the night in the delivery room with little progression so the doctor decided she should have a c-section.

She's recovering now and is very anxious to meet her 2 miracles.

It was my birthday yesterday and had my fingers crossed but I'm happy that they will have their own special day all to themselves.

Hopefully Kelly will be able to fill you all in soon.

Thanks for all your love and support.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Well, I have to admit that I have been struggling with the idea of blogging and have avoided it. I haven't blogged in a very long time because I don't know what to say. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and finding pregnancy very diifficult. I have a lot of guilt about not loving every second of pregnancy and I certainly don't think an infertility blog is the place to complain about anything pregnancy related. I can't wait to be a mom but for some reason even at 33 weeks pregnant I never allow myself to "relax" and believe I will actually be a mommy soon.
Women keep telling me to enjoy every second of pregnancy because I will miss it. I feel ungrateful and I don't want to give people the wrong idea. I want these babies so badly it hurts and any pain and discomfort is worth it. I just never really anticipated being so uncomfortable. I actually never thought about anything past the illusive 2 pink lines. At first the pregnancy symptoms were so exciting and I welcomed any body changes, now the idea of having my body back is sublime.
I am disappointed in myself and here is a list of the ways I feel like I have failed at pregnancy so far:
1. I went off work early at just 31 weeks *there seem to be so many other bloggers expecting twins who worked much longer than I made it
2. I have gained way too much weight *50+ pounds and counting (13 pounds in 10 days during the preeclampsia scare)
3. I have gestational diabetes and am unable to control it with diet
4. I am on bed rest after being hospitalised for preeclampsia *turned out to be cholestasis
5. I am useless *unable to cook, clean or get things ready for the babies
6. I am disgusting to look at *my legs look like what Cathy Bates did to the author in the movie "misery", I itch like an insane person, my personal hygiene is lacking, and I don't fit into ANY pants so I am constantly in moo moos
7. At times I wished the babies would be here already *this made me feel incredibly guilty less than 2 weeks ago when they told me at the hospital to get ready to have the babies within 48 hours and I was picturing my boys in the NICU
Please don't judge me for my feelings, I know I sound so ungrateful! I don't want to be this person. I hope this doesn't indicate what kind of mother I will be. I want to be stronger and positive. I hope my babies know how much I want them.
In the meantime I have been reading and following everyones journeys and I am sorry if I haven't commented or given the support you all need and deserve.