Monday, September 23, 2013

19 months and barely hanging on

Some days I feel like we are holding on by a thread. Yesterday was a thin thread day. Actually it was the scariest day since the boys were born. Fynn managed to break into our cleaning cupboard, that had a baby proofed lock on it, and drink a gulp of Pine Sol. Yep, not going to be winning The Mother of the Year Award around here. Please do me a favour and move you cleaning products to the highest shelf in your house. He is fine but it was terrifying.
I say it every month but my boys are busy and some might describe them as terrors. They climb constantly and find anything they aren't supposed to get into. They smash their heads into walls or the ceramic floor if I say no and have temper tantrums daily. Give me strength!!!  When we go to the park all they want to do is throw rocks or sand.
Sometimes i feel like an abused woman. They hit me, they pull my hair and occasionally they bite me. This is not a fun stage.
I can't go to the bathroom without them loosing their minds and throwing themselves violently at the door. If I let them come in they try to put the toilet brush in their mouths and bang the baby proofed doors as loud as they can. They also whack me with the toilet seat by trying to open and shut it.Lets's not even get started on the toilet paper.
 I can't even sweep the floor they scream to hold the broom, step in the dirt or try to eat the crumbs. When I feed them they throw their food on the floor, take the lid off of their sippy cups and dump it in the floor, kick the bottom of their food trays and scream bloody murder.
Even our sacred bath time is no longer peaceful. They are obsessed with taking the plug out of the bottom of the bath, they scream and throw fits if they can't play with it. They try to drink their body wash and I have to sit on the edge of the bath or they climb up and try to stand on the edge.
I take them out at least twice a day because if they are constantly stimulated they behave much better. Luckily they nap well and sleep 12 hour a night or I would be in an institute.
I know they are frustrated because they aren't able to communicate their needs so hopefully an end is in sight. Plus once their attention span is longer than 5 minutes maybe I can keep them stimulated in the house longer. They are physical guys and they are constantly on the go, what the heck am I going to do in the winter. Don't get me wrong I have drop in programs we can go to almost every day but without the park where will they get all of their energy out.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It's official these guys are toddlers, I have been saying it for a while but seriously they look so grown up :(
 Big Chair
 New Coats
 Giving Diego a drink
 At the park and a little drool
 On the teeter totter, his favourite
 Fynn Blue Eyes
 Best Buds
 Beautiful day at the park
 Wagon Ride
 Indoor playground
 Big boy
 New trampoline

Friday, September 13, 2013

Two Good Days in a Row!

We are in an "Interesting" stage here. The boys have been whining a lot and if they don't like something I say they bang their heads on the floor or wall. NOT FUN!!!!!!!! I think it is their frustration with not being able to communicate and express themselves. Speech is still coming but not fast enough for them.
On a positive note they have had two great days with very minimal whining. Thank goodness because it was getting on my last nerve