Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Should strollers be allowed in doctor's offices?

Just curious what your opinions are. I am on a facebook forum for moms of multiples and one mother was not permitted to use her stroller in the office. She has 2 eight month olds that don't sit up on their own so she chose to leave when the doctor wouldn't make an exception.  My feelings are mixed, on one hand I know how difficult it is to juggle two kids with no stroller in public but on the other hand I know how cramped and dirty offices can become with multiple strollers. What is your opinion?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The BIG one!!!!

The boys are offically one and I still don't believe it. Holy cow that was a fast year but at the same time I can't believe life existed without them. We have had an incredible year filled with lots of emotions, ups and downs and tons of love and fun.
I failed a bit as a mom for their birthdays because I had a lot of plans that didn't happen but hey it was a great day and there is always next year. The thing is we have a tiny (I mean really small) house and we could never fit more than another family in here comfortably. So instead of hosting the party here we had it at Pizza Hut (I know glamorous....lol). We had less than 20 people (us and babies included) but it was the perfect size and the boys did really well. Fynn had one minor meltdown but that is to be expected, he has never really liked loud noises and lots of people and this was both. Hudson loved every second of it and probably would have partied all night....lol.
I had ordered the boys custom made birthday shirts from Etsy but they did not arrive in time (you would think 3 weeks would be sufficient). I ended up getting them little bow ties from Gap and they looked adorable. I had planned to make the boys their first cake, I had literally planned it in my head for an entire year. HOWEVER, I have NEVER made a cake and apparently it is harder than it looks. Okay, I am a disaster in the kitchen. Luckily I had done a couple of trail runs for hubbys birthday and came to the quick conclusion that this year I would purchase a cake. It was delicious and it all worked out. I guess we will just have to do a home photo shoot with a cake smash when the shirts finally arrive.
Birthday Breakfast at home

First Birthday Cake the only thing I would have changed was I would have also ordered two smaller cakes/cupcakes for the boys with the messy icing to get the standard icing on the face first birthday picture.

Hudson with his new mega bloks table

 The boys enjoying their new gift (sorry about the mess our house is tiny and we are overflowing). Good news is we bought a new house and move at the end of April!!!
 Pizza Hut, decorated by daddy!
 Cute Hudson ready to open a gift (with help from cousins)
 Fynn a bit overwhelmed by everything
 Daddy and his boys
 My neice Ruby and I
Mommy and Huddy (I hate this pic of me but I am with one of my boys so I still love it)

Poor Fynn is done, the hat put him over the top :(
Yep, we like cake! FYI Hudson was trying to drink soda.........ah!!!! Every chance he had he would steal those like plastic cups and put the straw in his mouth, he sure is quick. Luckily he didn't really know how to use a big boy straw.

Thursday, February 14, 2013