Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My dirty little secret!

We use a Jolly Jumper......judge away.....lol. The boys love it and I like to see them happy.  Plus if it delays their walking then that is a bonus (I am kidding of course).  Excuse my cold, I sound like a 70 year old smoker and wish I knew how to take the volume off the video.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Away!

Well I think I am one of the very few mothers of twins that can say they had an entire weekend away without their 7 month old twins.  It was great to get away but I missed the boys like crazy.  Of course I knew they were in amazing hands with my sister and mom but I still missed their smiling faces.  They are at such a fun stage and it is hard to miss a moment. It was however great to spend time with friends, eat some leisurely meals, and even sleep in. I feel like G and I have lots of time together at home but it is much different when you are away.  We stayed at a gorgeous Inn for the weekend where Graham was the Best Man at our good friends' wedding. It was a lovely wedding with all of our closest friends attending.  The Inn is located 2 hours from our house and it is right on a beautiful lake.  The bride and groom decided to forgo the honeymoon suite for a bigger double room so they gave it to us.  They even insisted on paying for both nights (they said it included in their wedding package).  We enjoyed our time away but were very excited to get back to the boys. I think the boys are sick of mommy hugging them because I can't help but squeeze them all of the time since I have been home.  The best part of everything is that my mom and sister followed my "schedule" to a t and the boys came home right on track.  There literally hasn't even been one hiccup since we have been home.  This is a big contrast to our visit to my in-laws cottage. 

In other exciting news my baby Fynn is crawling, that's right crawling.  He had been rocking for a couple of days and even took a few "steps" crawling but now he can crawl all the way to whatever object he desires.  He doesn't do it all of the time but he can when he wants to.  I am so screwed......lol!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Seven Months

Fynn on the left and Hudson on the right                                         Happy Hudson talking away

Naked time before bath time

                                                                                                             Fynn getting ready to take off!

Well we've had another great month my boys! Again we had a lot of firsts  and this parenting thing continues to change on a daily basis. You boys are a LOT more active and you keep me on my toes.  Gone are the days of napping in your car seats (did that used to happen) and being happy spending more than an hour stilling in your stroller.  Now you are happier moving, stretching and playing.  Thank goodness for naps and an early bedtime or mommy wouldn't be able to keep up. 

Holy cow Mr. Finnister you are a busy guy.  It is nearly impossible to change your diaper these days because you literally NEVER want to stay still.  You roll like crazy and grab anything that is within reach. You have decided that you are ready to crawl and although you haven't actually done a propper step forward you are able to get up on all fours.  Generally you shift back and forth a couple of times before you squirm backwards.  Unfortunately that gets you further away from whatever object you are trying to get to so you get frustrated. Your whining is getting better but there is a reason we lovingly call you Finicky Fynn.
This month you also got your first two teeth. Wow, I couldn't believe it when Dr. G pointed out that you were cutting a bottom tooth.  It turns out that it was actually two teeth that were coming in at the same time. You look so grown up with your two new little chiclets.  It also feels like one of your top teeth might be in soon too and I bet that changes your look once again. I am not sure if you were any fussier than your usual self.  You did had a couple of nights were you woke up 2 times throughout the night but we aren't sure if that was because of your teeth or if it was just coincidence. 
You now LOVE your jolly jumper.  That's right even after all of the physical therapy warnings mommy lets you jump in a jumper. You love it and beam from ear to ear. You are so proud of yourself and it is great to see you so happy.
The one thing you don't love to do is sit.  You are actually pretty sturdy when mommy places you in the sitting position and you can stay up for 5 or more minutes (then you loose your focus and dive forward).  You never try to get yourself into the sitting position and when you are walking holding my fingers and I try to sit you down you stiffen your legs and refuse to sit.  I think if you could you would stand at all times.  You love walking with my fingers and mommy is worried you will be an early walker (your cousin walked at 9 months and that scares mommy a lot!). Although you aren't pulling up on things at all so maybe we have a while before we have to get ready for that.
You are getting increasingly vocal, especially in the morning and before bath time.  You yelp and laugh and I love hearing you and your brother throughout the house.
You have found your smile my boy and it comes out so much more often. You have even smiled at a stranger or two....lol

It has been so much fun watching you continue to be more outgoing and vocal this month.  You have caught up to your brother in all areas and it looks like you might be the first one to crawl. You are constantly up on all fours and ready to move.  You have taken one or two "steps" forward in the crawling position but then come crashing down.  You just smile and then try it again. Like your brother it is almost impossible to change your diaper because you can't stay still. You roll and squirm and you guys are way too strong to be babies.
You also got your first tooth this month. It is on the bottom and it feels like more are soon to follow. You are such a little trooper and we barely even saw the signs of any discomfort caused by the new tooth. One night you woke up a couple of times with a little whimper but were quickly soothed with a cuddle and some tylenol.  Mommy has been giving you some pain relief medicine nightly before bed just in case for the past two nights.
Like your brother you aren't very interested in sitting. You are okay in the highchair and in mommy's lap but you aren't too sturdy on your own yet.  When mommy sets you up like a tripod, using your arms to stabilize you, you can sit for a couple of minutes but eventually you topple over. You don't seem comfortable but we keep working on it. We are doing a ton of tummy time and you get stronger every day.
You are still my smily guy and I love seeing you so happy all of the time. You love your daddy and he makes you laugh so hard, it is hilarious.  You love "talking" to your brother and whenever you get a chance you man handle him.  You love to explore and you grab everything.  Your favourite thing to explore lately is faces and you aren't gentle....lol. Mommy has had to make sure your nails are trimmed so that you don't hurt any of us. You also LOVE to pull hair. Mommy is sporting a bun now most of the time but when she forgets she gets a quick reminder.

I love you my beautiful boys and I can't wait to see what this month has in store for us!

Mommy's Night out!

I had my first night out since having the boys on Saturday night and I am just now STARTING to get back into the swing of things.  Don't get me wrong I have gone to a couple of movies and dinner with my husband (which were nice) but Saturday night was my first night out with the girls. It was also the first time I participated in adult drinks (lots of them), dancing, and even a stripper (yuck).  It was my girlfriend's stagette and we had a blast.  The only problem when you are a mommy and you drink is that you are on duty the next day.  It isn't your childrens fault that you were letting loose the night before and they don't get that you have a pounding headache.  Was it worth it?...........heck yeah........will I do it again soon?........not on your life!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We have a tooth, and it's a boy!

Yesterday we went to our first appointment with our new pediatrician and it went very well. Not sure if I mentioned it before but I strongly dislike my previous pediatrician.  He made off colored jokes (usually I don't mind some but not in a professional setting) and crossed the line about my sister being our egg donor (asked hubby if my sister was hot and then said they should have just got a hotel room and saved all of the expense). The boys are doing well and a lot the little concerns are clearing up (they had some fluid in their testicals and Fynn had a bit of a hernia). Then he asked me if they had any teeth and I quickly responded no.  Well insert foot in mouth because sure enough my baby boy Fynn indeed has his first tooth poking through.  I guess I thought it would be bigger or more apparent.  The boys wiggle so much and barely stay still for a second so it is difficult to get a good look in their mouth. I have felt around and thought I felt some harder spots but then thought nothing of it. Anyway, just a sliver of the tooth is showing and I am so excited for him.  I know I say it way too much but these guys are really growing up.
In other news my sister in law (hubby's brother's wife) is pregnant and due in January.  Lord knows how anyone keeps a secret as long as they did (she was 16 weeks before they announced it) but she found out today she will be having a boy. Side note, they got pregnant the second month they were trying (bitch....lol). This is great news but I won't lie I was kind of hoping for a girl. I know every child is amazing and all of that unicorn and fairy dust shit but it would have worked out so well for me. That's right, it's all about me.....lol. Clearly I will love my nephew and it will be great to have another playmate and family member for my boys. However,on hubby's side there are no girls. His father is an only child, his father's father was an only child, hubby has two brothers, we have the two boys and  then their is one nephew . So let's just say that side needs a little estrogen.  I was so hoping to soften those men up just a a little bit. I guess in a perfect world I could have another baby and this time it would be a girl.....yeah right.

6 month check up (our appointment was 2 weeks late) Fynn 17.2 pounds
                                                                                        Hudson 16.4 pounds