Saturday, July 19, 2014

29 Months

It seems weird to still be counting months to describe the boys' ages. I don't refer to them that way in my every day life it is just strange. I thought I would take a quick second to update things here because they seem to be growing and changing so much lately.

You have changed so much this past month. Suddenly out of nowhere you are a total momma's boy and don't want to leave my side. No longer are you attached to daddy and I love the extra snuggles. I feel badly however that you often cry when I leave the room and that you are no longer as independent. I know it is just a stage but you used to be so confident and love to meet new people. Don't get me wrong you are still smiley and friendly but you don't like it if mommy is not close by.

You are still a great sleeper and nothing much has changed since last month. Mommy is still letting you nap too long and this results in late bedtimes.
As far as eating goes you really aren't a great eater anymore. That isn't necessarily a new thing but it isn't getting much better. You would love to live on snacks or more specifically popsicles and it is not a good thing. You do still love meat but you literally eat one meal a day and then snack the rest of the time. Summer seems to make things more casual and I feel guilty because I am a bit lax about letting you snack, especially when we have guests

You are still coming along but I still notice some deficits (sorry baby nothing major just noting things). Your receptive language is awesome and you follow story lines and t.v shows better than any 2 year I know. You have words for everything it is just that you don't always string them together. You also don't pronounce things as clearly as I expect but you are so adorable I love your little voice. You talk much more now, even when people are around. You are stringing tons of 2 and some 3 word sentences. You still aren't really counting, you don't sing and you don't really know your abcs but that will come.

Holy cow you are blossoming. You are like a real little guy now. You communicate your feelings and wants so well. You literally get complete thoughts out and it makes life so much easier. You still test boundaries and unfortunately whine a lot but I love this stage. You crack me up.

Sleep are driving us crazy. You literally wake up at least once a night screaming. Why??????? You even had a week where you woke up multiple times like when you were an infant. It is so frustrating.

You are a great eater and you like trying new foods, especially if daddy and I are the ones eating it.

Like I mentioned you are talking up a storm and we can really communicate with you. You can tell us complex ideas, feelings and wants and it s pretty cool. You are also VERY demanding.....haha. This week you sang your first song. I didn't even really know that you were paying attention when I sang. However today you literally sang "twinkle twinkle little star" with your daddy and knew 90% of the song. You also complete lines in some of your favourite stories. It is so cool, I can read the first part of a sentence and you can complete the last 2-3 words. Eeek, it is currently 1am (I know I should be sleeping) and you are crying out. I don't get why that happens :(
As I mentioned in previous posts you can count to 20 and yesterday out of nowhere (well I guess not nowhere, again we sing a song that must have taught you this) you counting backwards from 10-1. My jaw literally dropped....haha.