Tuesday, June 17, 2014

28 months (I haven't posted in a while)

I have been terrible about posting but thought I would take a quick minute to update some information about the boys. They are still busy guys that love outings and keep us on our toes. They love the park, throwing rocks on the beach, and playdates with their friends.
Huddy Buddy you recently had a growth spurt and when I picked you up from your nap you looked older to me.
Sleep-You are still a great sleeper, especially at naptime. Often I have to wake you up because you would be happy to have a 4 hour nap daily. We moved bedtime back so that we could do afternoon/evening outings but when you nap that long bedtime tends to get pushed even further back. You are such a cuddly guy and you love your blue blanket and sleeping with your teddy bear.
Eating-In the past few months you have become a snack monster and you try your best to exist on only junk. Mommy had to eliminate prepackaged (as much as possible) crap because that's all you wanted to eat. Not to mention your obsession with popsicles. You do still like meat but it is a challenge to get you to eat "real meals" in general.
Speech-You are talking a lot more and catching up. Although when we are around other people you often point to objects and are much quieter than at home. You now say Fynn's name (probably for the last 2 months or so) instead of just referring to him as brother. You have a ton of words and now talk in 2, 3 and even 4 word "sentences". You still use as few words as possible to get your point across though. You still don't really count to 10 although you do seem to know many numbers you just won't count in sequence. You do know most of your colours (red, blue, yellow, orange, pink purple) although you mix them up occasionally.
Man are you ever talking, sometimes we miss the days of speech delay.....haha. You talk non stop and it is super loud. You also like to parent your brother which we are trying to teach you is not your responsibility.
Food- You are a great eater and seem to be eating all of the time. You will try new things and you just really seem to enjoy food in general.
Sleep-Ugh you seem to call out every night these days. We have to go in and settle you down. It is just a quick back rub or an adjustment of your blanket but it certainly not ideal. You also generally wake up screaming and are not very pleasant for the first few minutes you are up. You yell at us and often get upset. I wish we knew how to calm you down but for now we just give you space and you come around.
Speech-you are no longer considered delayed in speech (although I don't think you ever actually qualified for that). Like I mentioned before you talk all of the time. You count to 20, know all of your colours and shapes and boss mommy and Hudson around every chance you get. You aren't interested in learning songs though and although you know some letters you refuse to sing the song.