Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

9 months (late)

Life has turned into a total whirlwind.  Days blend into nights and time is still flying.  Hubby is off for the months of November and December and I am loving having someone to tag team the boys.  We have daily outings and it is great to get the boys out and about.  We have started to house hunt for a bigger/better house and it seems like a daunting task. The boys turned 9 months this past Saturday and I haven't even had a chance to take their monthly picture.


We have started to call you Hollywood Hudson.  You are such a flirt and you love to be around people (well except at You absolutely love your daddy and he makes you giggle all of the time. You also love playing with your brother and you often like to "borrow" his toys.
You hate to have your diaper changed, I mean hate.  You used to roll over and try to escape diaper changes but now you throw an absolute fit, you scream bloody murder and act like we are torturing you.  You also had a cold for almost a week and we barely saw you smile (my poor little buddy).
Your crawling has accelerated and you really book it.  You pull up on absolutely everything and you are very sturdy. You are more cautious than your brother and when you are done playing with a standing toy you carefully bend down and drop onto your bum.  You love to bop up and down when you are standing and sometimes when you are holding onto something you pull it towards you and slide onto your back (this scares mommy).
You LOVE cheerious. I think if we let you, you would eat an entire box. You still use your index finger to drag food towards you and we think it is hilarious. You like all of your purees and you are starting to like eating more foods that we chop up for you. You have a bit of a choke reflex but you are getting better.
Your sleep seems to have regressed a bit.  You used to sleep from 5:30pm to around 6am but now you wake up for a big bottle in the night. You go to sleep between 6:15-6:45, wake up for a quick bottle  (you barely even open your eyes) and then sleep until 7:00am (or even later). We haven't tried letting you cry it out because we are usually up when you want your night-time bottle so it isn't a big deal to give you a quick bottle.  I am sure we will probably regret it but I like the extra cuddle time. You are so busy during the day that having you so peaceful during the night just melts my heart. Your napping is so much better than 2 or 3 months ago and I love the fact that your morning nap is usually 2 hours.
Hudson and Fynn
I love you my sweet boy and you make me smile each and every day.


You have turned into a little momma's boy. You constantly crawl to my feet when I am sitting on the couch and you want to come onto my lap. You and your brother are obsessed with trying to get to the laptop, our phones, and the remote control.  It just makes daddy and I realize that we don't need those things when we are around you.
Like your brother you love to stand and pull up on everything. You are sturdy but are a bit more of a dare devil than your brother. You dive from one toy to the next and if one standing toy is near another you stretch and move from one toy to another instead of dropped to your bum and crawling over to the other toy.
Your night sleep is about the same as it has been for the past several months. You sleep through the night every couple of nights but usually get up for one nightly bottle. Sometimes it takes you a little while to settle back to sleep but usually you go right back down. For a couple of weeks we thought your naps were becoming more predictable and longer but some days you fight sleeping all day. On these days you become overtired and you whine and fuss like you used to do (not my favourite). Unlike previous months you will however sleep in the car or in the stroller so that is usually our plan of attack when you just can't get settled. We have started rocking you longer which is a big no no (oh well, whatever works).
Your top teeth are completely in and they are ridiculously cute. You have a cute space between them and we lovingly call you Mr. David Letterman.
You love food, it seems like you would eat anything we give you and your appetite seems endless. You love eating avacado and anything else that is messy and this drives daddy crazy. You love feeding yourself and it ends up in your hair and you need a bath every time you eat.
You hate Gymboree class and mommy wants a refund. You have no time for anyone who isn't mommy or daddy and you barely even look at other people. You do warm up to people after awhile but we only really see your true personality emerge when you are at home with us. You tolerate your brother, who loves to follow you around and takes interest in everything you play with. Sometimes you even smile and laugh with him but you are a hard nut to crack. Usually when you brother decides he would like to "borrow" what you are playing with you just crawl away but sometimes when you are really focused on what you are doing you dig your heels in and make sure he doesn't get it from you.
I love you my Prime Finnister, my Fynny boo boo, my Fynndigler. You are my boy and I love to see you each and every day. 

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is Insanity

Okay, I know I have already written a post that says this exact sentiments but I am living in a mad house.  These boys are like wild animals that don't stop.  They literally never sit still. Even when they are eating they are batting away the spoon, kicking their high chairs and yelping at the top of their lungs. Short of moving into a bouncy castle I don't know what else we can do.  We were given an octogon shaped "pen" from another twin mom and that isn't even helping. First of all I am not 100% comfortable with the idea of it but I figured I would give it a whirl, at this point I would try anything.  Anyways the "pen" quickly became a cage and my boys became cage fighters.  They aren't intending to hurt each other, at least I hope not, but they are mauling each other all the same. Plus they pull up on the bars and then leap face first into the ground.  I tried padding the cage with pillows, I lined the entire octogon with them. That didn't work because it left about a 2ft by 2 ft space for them to play and they hated it. They are pulling themselves up on every and any item and they seem to be drawn to dangers that I hadn't even considered.  Seriously, one of them was trying to chip paint off the wall to eat it yesterday.  They both dart off to opposites side of the house whenever they can and are extreme dare devils.  Then they look at me with shock and disgust when they fall.  By the end of the day I a sweating buckets, by the way I have gained weight so figure that out, and a nervous basket case. I decided I was at my breaking point trying to keep them entertained and alive so I splurged and signed them up for Gymboree.  Well they HATE it.  Seriously, even my little guy who we now call Hollywood Hudson, because he never stops smiling and flirting, cries the entire time we are there.  They literally are rendered motionless as soon as we enter the room.  It is a total mind beep because I don't get what would be setting them off.  The room is like one giant play mat with slides, tunnels and toys.  They refuse to crawl and cling to me for dear life.  When the "teacher" comes around to them they look like deer in headlights.  How can they be so terrified, they have each other and they love being around their cousins so I don't think they are affraid of the other kids.  I am with them the entire time yet they are almost shaking they are so frightened.  Theie favourite thing to do at home with me is to walk while I hold their hands, they could do it all day long.  The minute we walk into that Gymboree room their legs turn to spaghetti and they refuse to put any weight on them. They don't participate in any of the activities because they are stiff as a board and refuse to be put down.  I thought after the first couple of classes they would come around but we have been to 4 classes now and nothing has improved.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Calling all Infertiles with Egg Donor Sisters

I have recently been interviewed for a magazine article and they are looking for other infertiles who have become pregnant using their sister's eggs.  If you are one of these women or know someone who is and would like to be in a magazine please message me.
Thanks in advance.