Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kourtney a Surrogate for Khloe (ugh!!!)

Just saw a clip from "Keeping up with the Kardashians" where Kourtney discusses the possibility of being a surrogate for Khloe, yep I read and watch those disgusting entertainment magazines. Anyways, I hate what I saw. Don't get me wrong I think it would be awesome if that's what Khloe wants. I just hate that the conversation took place and in my opinion exploited Khloe. She didn't ever mention wanting a surrogate (I know this is a scripted show don't worry) and I hate that others are discussing her options. Maybe I am being hypocritical because I am sure my sister had a conversation with her husband before offering her eggs to me (actually I am not sure of that because my sister usually makes her own decisions, but she probably told him that she was going to offer). I also think that Scott's reaction was disgusting, basically saying it was disturbing and kind of gross (those weren't his words but his sentiment).  Basically he acted really childish and not very empathetic to Khloe. Don't get me wrong surrogacy isn't for everyone but it isn't a joke and it shouldn't be thought of as weird. What I do remember him saying was "so your going to have a baby and then give them your baby", ugh are people so ignorant. He then said the classic, why don't they just adopt a child that needs a family (why does he get to have an opinion on how she decides to build HER family).
For some reason this makes me sooooooo mad!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Having a twin is the best!

The boys have so much fun playing together now and it is hilarious to watch them. There favourite time of day to play is right before bedtime and I took this video to capture the moment.

On the move (Part 2)

Well the boys are officially walking. Hudson has been taking multiple steps for a little while but out of nowhere Fynn decided he was ready too. He has been stepping on his tippy toes from the beginning and doesn't have great balance so we really didn't see it coming. He is fearless and wants to walk all of the time, he has lots of bumps and bruises to show for her new skill.