Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 months, a wild vacation and a great holiday season

Where to start, what a month! On December 3 we headed for my parents place in Florida and what a trip it was.  We created a lot of great memories but are certainly glad to be home. The boys were champions on the plane but we ended up with a nasty tummy flu for the first week of the trip. We were literally glued to the bathroom for 48 hours and the boys had a terrible case of diarrhea that lasted 10 full days.  We were scared of dehydration but they recovered and we enjoyed the remaining 2 weeks. My mom was amazing and I don't know what we would have done without her.  I have no idea how parents deal with 2 sick kids when they are sick themselves, it is pure hell.  While we were away the boys turned 10 months old and they are turning into "real people".  I know they are technically still babies but they are growing and changing so quickly it is hard to believe.

Sleep this month has been really hit and miss, with more miss than hit.  I can't really blame you boys though because when all is said and done you will have slept in your cribs for less than a week out of the entire month.  The new routine seems to be down to bed at 6:15pm and up again at 9:30pm for a bottle, then up again at 12am and then up for the day around 7am.  It is not fun and we are going to do our best to correct things now that we are home. 
Eating has also regressed a lot this month.  With being sick you backed off of solids a bit and took a lot more bottles and purees. That being said previous to being sick you were eating lots of new foods including salmon every vegetable you could get your hands on and you are a carb addict just like your mommy.
Surprisingly you aren't walking yet and this makes mommy very happy.  You are still pulling up on everything, scaling furniture and getting into everything. You love walking holding my fingers but you lean forward and sit every time I let go of your fingers.
You love to talk my boy.  You carry on full conversations with whoever will listen and you have become Mr. Smiley (at times). You love showing off your cute gap tooth grin and when you are in a social mood you smile and talk to anyone around you. 
You are very clever and you seem to figure out any way to get yourself into trouble. You find everything and anything that is dangerous and this makes you very happy. You keep me on my toes and test me in every way.

You have had the same struggles with sleep and food as your brother this month and we will be working hard to get you back on track this month.  Being sick and away from home have taken a little toll on you but you are a trooper.  You seem to have had the worst of the tummy flu and your hydrocele was acting up while you were away and we even ended up at the hospital.  You let the ultra sound tech know that he was pushing his luck and urinated right in his face.  It wasn't a great moment but I guess it is part of the job.
You are still our smiling little peanut but you do have your moments.  You loose your mind when we change your diaper and you have your fussy moments.  There really isn't an inbetween with you.  Most of your day is spent laughing and smiling but once in a while you let us know when you aren't impressed. When you wake up in the night for a bottle you scream so loud it sounds like someone is hurting you.  Mommy races to get the bottle in your mouth because it is so disheartening.
You move at rapid speeds like your brother but aren't walking yet either.  You love to follow your brother and he shows you how to get into "trouble".
We had a lot of great outings while on vacation and it has been great having daddy home with us for the past 2 months. Daddy goes back to work next week and it is going to be such a sad day for everyone. We have really bonded as a family and it has been such an amazing time.

Merry Christmas