Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dreams do come True!

The past two weeks have flown by and have been better than I could have ever imagined. My boys were born February 17 and I can't believe I am finally a mommy. It is just starting to sink in and it is the best feeling ever. These babies were meant to be mine and are totally worth the wait. If only I had, had a crystal ball during our infertility battle so I could have seen this day coming. Throughout my pregnancy I never allowed myself to induge in visualizing what it would be llike to hold and meet our babies. I just couldn't handle any more heart break so I had a wall up. Now that they are here I have to pinch myself every day because every minute I love these boys more.
The arrival of the babies was earlier than anticipated as my preeclampsia symptoms came back and the doctor thought it was safer to get the boys out at 35 weeks instead of risking my health. I had a lot of guilt about my body failing me, and more importantly my boys, but everything seems to have worked out. The boys had to spend 2 weeks in the NICU because they were having some problems eating but are home now and seem to be thriving. Nobody wants their babies in the NICU but the boys were well taken care of and have come a long way in 2 weeks.
I wish I could have held out longer and I hope I didn't cause them any pain or serios discomfort. I ended up having a c section because I was never able to dilate even after having the gel placed in my cervix. The boys were both a good size, especially considering they were over a month early. Fynn William was born first and weighed 6 pounds even and Hudson David came a minute later weighing in at a hefty 7 pounds 3 ounces. They are both perfect but look nothing alike. Fynn has a narrow face and is long and lean, with what appear to be blue eyes and blond hair. Hudson or "the big guy" as we like to call him has adorable chubby cheeks with darker hair and big brown eyes. They also seem to have very different personalities; Hudson is the calm observer, while Fynn seems to be a bit more animated and energetic.
Will post later, I hear some squeaks and it is feeding time.