Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Houston We Have Cramping (I think)

Okay, I truly believe that you can make yourself feel anything! I feel like I have cramps but I am not entirely sure. Plus they are in the wrong place (in my lower to upper abdomen). Also I am having serious gas (sorry TMI) and I feel like that is probably part of the cramping. However, when I sneeze or toot I feel it in the uterus area (or close enough). A little disclaimer though I have been a total couch potato and I am literally morphing into the couch. I have been laid out on the couch since Saturday and I am wondering if I am just feeling my tummy because of my laziness (is that possible) because I haven't been using my ab muscles at all. I finally left the house tonight and the best way I can describe the way my uterus (I can't be sure it is my uterus but let's go there) is feeling is that it feels like I did a few too many sit ups and I am feeling a bit sore. I don't have the fluttering people talk about (unless you count gas) it is more of a constant dull ache. I have endometriosis so it is nothing compared to my period cramps. Now here comes the crazy part of the post, although I asked for the cramps I now want them to stop. First of all they aren't really the cramps I wanted and secondly now I am affraid they will get worse and will turn out to be my period. Finally, I have made another conclusion and that is that the cramps aren't implantation cramps they are just progesterone cramps (although I have been taking the suppositories for a week and this is my first day of cramping).
Any suggestions on how to get rid of this gas? Hubby says if I get off the couch I can walk the gas out. It make sense but I am in bit of a funck and can't seem to get myself motivated to leave the house.
Another day down only 10 days to go before my Beta!

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  1. YIPPEEEEE!!! CRAMPS!!! The cramps you describe (and the gas, mind you) are exactly what I felt! I suggest lying on the floor belly down to help get rid of that gas. But welcome those symptoms girlie!!! Are you going to POAS?