Saturday, July 9, 2011

Driving Myself Crazy

So I have been telling myself that all of the AF symptoms I have been having mean that I am not going to get my BFP. But now that the signs are getting less and less I am sure that means that I will get a BFN too. It's funny because I hate everything my body is doing but I don't know what I want it to do. Yes it would be nice if I had sore boobs, was vomiting (and not from my ass) and dizzy but I am sure if I had those symptoms I wouldn't believe them either. I have decided (which I never thought I would come to this conclusion) that I will test on Monday morning. I just have to free myself from this torture. I don't have to worry about getting the HCG trigger out of my system because of the fact that I did an egg donor cycle. If it is positive I will know that it is accurate and I will probably drop dead from shock. I will be 9dp3dt so there is a chance I will get a false negative but at least I will have some kind of heads up.
By the way my gas is unbelievable. Everytime I think I am cramping I realize it is just a ripper building up in my tummy. Did anyone who got a BFP have gas so strong that it could knock a small animal over? It is constant and it is gurgling in my stomach at all times.
I am sure it comes to no surprise to anyone who follows me but I have been dr. googling again! I am obsessed with finding somebody....anybody who took Lupron (the 28 day shot) because I want to hear when they got their period, or their pregancy signs.

Begging for Sanity!


  1. oooh oohh! Me, me! I definitely had the gas, bad. And by the way- I had the most horrible nausea (it actually turned into hyperemesis) all the way up to 16 weeks...and I didn't get ANY nausea until 5.5 weeks along- so don't trust the nausea thing. You may not have it (especially this soon), but that doesn't mean anything.

  2. I had really really bad gas it was so embarrasing it was actually the only sign I had. It didn't end the way we wanted it too but gas is a good sign!

  3. I had gas...and vomiting from pregnancy symptoms typically doesn't happen until you are around 5-8ish weeks. So don't go by that. And I was always symptom free besides bloat and gas until 7 weeks.

  4. I had horrible gas!!!!

    at 7dp3dt I let a fart go in an elevator with DH and 3 of his friends, when we got to the ground floor they had to bust out of the elevator and were bowing down to me!! I have never had anything like that.