Friday, April 30, 2010

I love my kids

So although I obviously don't have kids of my own.....hello I am infertile, but I have the pleasure of teaching some great kids. They are hilarious and make my day with the funny things they say. Teaching is such a rewarding job and although the kids can be inconsiderate (they are kids) generally they are amazing. I teach grade 7 this year and it is such a cool age. They are turning 13 and they are learning to be individuals. This is the year that they really are going from kids to teenagers and I have the lucky job of teaching them Sexual Education. I joke but I actually enjoy it and they seem to like my no bullshit approach. I give them the facts in terms they understand and I know they are comfortable to ask me anything.....I mean anything. Of course they all asked me why I don't have children and being that it is National Infertility week and I am always up for "teachable moments" I let them know about my endo and my recent surgery. They were all very interested and told me I had to stay positive, that I will be a cool mom and that I could always look into adoption. It is funny because when adults tell me that I am annoyed but from them it was comforting. I guess it is because I know they meant it, mainly because I know they don't take the time to think before they speak (sometimes this can be hurtful) so there is no filter. What they say is for the most part what they mean. One girl even told me that she has had a couple of dreams about me adopting a baby girl. Another girl came to me after school and said "Ms C" I really hope you get to have a baby, but I also hope that you don't have to do what people usually have to do to get pregnant. That is so disgusting and I think adoption would be much nicer. I agree, who wants to think of any of their teacher's doing it. Gosh they were amazed to hear that I go to the grocery store (remember most kids think their teacher's live at school).


  1. I think it is SO amazing that you love your students so much...and even more amazing that you are able to still go to work and see kids! My hubby was a substitute till all this and even though he is a strong man, he can't handle going even for a day!

    Good for you!

  2. Thanks Sara Jean,I have a much harder time seeing pregnant people and holding babies. My school goes from JK-Grade 12 and trust me I avoid the primary hallway when I am feeling down. I think it is because my students are older that I don't think about my fertility generally during the day, I guess I don't dream about having a teenager (who does really!!). When I taught the little ones (grade 2) I actually wondered (back in the days when I didn't know I might not ever have kids) if I could teach and have enough energy to give to my own children at the end of the day.

  3. Yeah he says its the younger classes that gets to him the most, and he doesn't want to do the older ones cause when we finish our PS-MAPP classes to foster we may be fostering older children...

    And he says those "high school brats" make him think twice about it LOL

    I think its amazing that you are a teacher. They make the world go round and I am sure your students love ya!

  4. That's so cute that your kids were so supportive. I am proud of you for opening up about it. All the kids I work with know we are trying to adopt and sometimes they ask questions. (Mostly about why it's taking so long!!) And one time they took a vote about whether they want it to be a boy or girl. :)