Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I haven't had a doctors appointment in a week and a half and I am going through withdrawl. I have nothing to obsess about other than an up coming follow up regarding my lapscopic. The thing that is driving me the most crazy is we don't seem to have a plan of action right now. I hate this wait and see approach. After going through what seems like every procedure known to man the fact that there are no more "investigations" left to do leaves me feeling hopeless. The HSG (which had me in tears) seemed to show that my tubes aren't blocked, the sonogram (another painful procedure) didn't show any abnormalities on my uterus, and my follicles seemed to mature properly (is that the right terminology?). Plus my blood work and harmone levels didn't indicate any abnormalities. So wtf is the problem??? Could it just be my damaged eggs as a result of my multiple recurring endometriomas that formed on both ovaries. Can anything be done if it is just a problem with bad/stale eggs? Why don't we have a plan of attack?
Once upon a time the doctor spoke of Clom*id. Does this help egg quality? Was the endometrosis that was just burnt off stopping me from getting pregnant? Does anyone have insight about what the next step usually is???? At what point do we start talking IVF?
I hate that 35 seems to be the magic age where conception is directly reduced based on age. What could possibly happen in the next 7 months that will make it even harder to get that illusive BFP.


  1. As far as Clomid goes, bear in mind that I am no doctor but from what I read/heard from the 7 months I was on it is that is doesn't actually help egg quality. Really the only the it goes is stimulate ovulation, thereby increasing your chances at multiple births, or just a birth in general. Also, fair warning from a girl who tried it, if you have problems with cysts on your ovaries, the clomid can and will cause them to be more frequent, and PAINFUL. There is also a drug called metformin that can help prevent that...its most commonly prescribed for the treatment of PCOS.

    Hope this helps and *hugs*
    Sara Jean

  2. Thanks Sara Jean that is very helpful. I definitely do not want to increase any cyst activity because mine already grow at a rapid speed and extremely painful (as you know). I guess I will just have to "wait and see" what they suggest next.

  3. I'm no Dr., but I suggest a monitored cycle. I know I said that on my blog, too, but I HIGHLY recommend it. I wish I'd've know years ago that my eggs weren't releasing. (Due to scarring) and moved forward to IVF. A monitored cycle is around $300 here. (My doctor uses her u/s machine that isn't as high-tech) It was definitely worth it to me, and believe it or not, took a lot of stress off me. I can't get pregnant without IVF, so if we're not in a cycle, I'm not getting pregnant. I didn't realize how much I was monitoring my cycle until then. Good luck! I'm excited to start following you!