Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Journey

So I wish I could tell some super romantic story about how my husband and I met but the truth is we met in a bar and yes I went up to him. I was with some girls (more aquantances than friends) and he just looked like a really nice guy. Now I can't be positive that, that is the reason I decided to pull him over but that is what I tell myself because I am not "that type" of girl. The truth is that I am an easy drunk (oops, I shouldn't say easy) and was seeing sideways after one vodka drink. I am not into dancing with guidos (although I love watching The Jersey Shore) so I took matters into my own hand and introduced myself. We danced the night away, I told him he needed a real job and to quit smoking and we exchanged phone numbers. The truth is I was still living with my parents (I had "recently" moved home) and I am the only person in the world who does not have a cell phone so I gave him my parents landline. Of course he never expected that the girl he met in the bar would have given him her parent's number so he texted me that night (I think around 3am to say what at great night he had!!! Do you know what happens when you text a landline?????? Well I now do......a woman (the voice mail lady) calls and relays the message. Luckily I was home to receive the message but was seriously confused when I picked up the phone at 3am to hear a women tell me what a great night she had, had and that she couldn't wait to see me soon. Was I that drunk I wondered....had G been a woman??????
Okay so we met and basically fell in love right away. We were engaged within 8 months and married 9 months after our engagement. Let's face it we were both in our 30's and when you know it's right you just know (so cheesy but true). So I would have started making babies the moment we met but G was set on waiting and enjoying some married life first. Fast forward to a year after we are married and me begging regularily for us to begin trying. Finally the time comes and G says to me one night when we are ready to go to bed "I'm Ready". I literally cried and in one of my most naive moments to date thought that maybe we would get pregnant that night.
Rewind to my first days of puberty and when I began my period. My cramps were so bad I thought I was literally going to die, sh*t my pants, vomit and then die again. Nothing would numb the pain and over the years I just learned to deal with it. Dealing with it meant fainting, puking and being generally miserable 2 weeks out of every month (isn't every girl like that???). Of course my mom took me to the dr who would prescribe another painkiller but nothing really took the edge off. From these early days I just knew something was wrong with my body. It just didn't make sense that other people could cope with this pain. Every month I would look at my friends and think to myself.....seriously you can manage this pain every is wrong with me. Eventually I chalked it up to low pain threshold and assumed that I was a whining whimp (which I am sure everyone around me was thinking).
So was I shocked when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 34......hell to the no...I was just surprised that someone finally agreed with me and acknowledged what I already knew. I am just another statistic of all kinds of women who go undiagnosed for years with this painful disease.
By the way do you know what my mom said when I called her after my diagnosis
"Well it's about time dear" followed closely with "I'm not surprised with that diagnosis, you do know that is what Joanie and Marie have" and then the kicker "I actually wondereed if you have that" Seriously... she has to be kidding.....after all of the years where she told me to get on with things and stop feeling sorry for myself....could she be serious!!!! ughhh


  1. ((hugs))
    I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that!
    My mother told me when I let her know what the doctor who finally diagnosed me suspected (endometriosis)... "Oh, I had that, I had surgery years ago for it and haven't had problems since".... well thanks mom!.....


  2. J,
    Thanks for the post. Your mom sounds just like frustrating!

  3. I'm sorry about your endo and not finding out about it sooner. =(

    As for how you and your hubby met that is hilarious. The texting a landline thing. I was texting at work and accidently texted TO my work # instead of my friend complaiing about my fucking job and being at work late and my employee picked up and got the text. LOL! Woopsies.