Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tick Tock

I HATE waiting, isn't that all us infertiles do ????? Waiting for appointments, waiting for our periods, waiting to see if we miss our period, waiting until we can take an HPT (although I never take those anymore), waiting to know what the next plan is........
This time the wait is for my follow up appointment to my lap to find out exactly what they found and have successful everything was. Of course being the good little infertile that I am, I had a detailed list of questions for the hubby to ask when he saw the surgion when I was in recovery. However, hubby dropped the ball a bit on this task. All he remembers the dr saying is that things went as well as could be expected and that it was on both sides. Gosh, there are a million was to interpret these comments.....what was he expecting.......was it the endo on both sides or the I still have both I have a uterus......ugh!!!!!
My husband G just said it won't be long now. I seriously believe that he has magical clocks that move double speed to mine because in my world 2 weeks is forever!!!!

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  1. Waiting is what us IF'ers do! I hope that your appointment comes soon!