Friday, April 30, 2010

Back Fire!!!!

Well I think my plan to not fill hubby in on when I ovulate has back fired a tiny bit. You see I ovulate Tonight, Saturday night, and Sunday. Of course last night G decided he was really in the mood and could not be pursuaded to wait. I used the classic lines "I'm Tired", "I have a head ache" and then I figured why not the extra sperm can't hurt. Anyways, so here I am sitting on the couch with G across from me and he is sound asleep on the couch, snoring like a pot bellied pig!!! I don't think any sort of lingerie could get him out of that coma. He worked all day in the shop (he runs a golf pro shop) and then had lessons all night. He got home and literally passed out. I have tried going over there twice, and he whispered that he loved me but that he was out for the night. Aside from throwing a bucket of cold water on him(which I am sure would give him shrink dink) there is nothing that would get that guy off the couch. I have a feeling he will be sleeping out here. This is so frustrating but I completely understand him being exhaused. This is his busiest time of the year and he is bringing home the bacon. However (isn't there always a however!!!) my clock continues to tick (I am sure you can hear it from where ever you are) and waiting until tomorrow might literally kill me. What is one day, I know some people prefer to do it every other day to make sure the spermy are plentiful. However, with G's super sperm I wanted to do it all 3 of my fertile days (I love that I can actually write the word fertile I feel like a freud). Oh well maybe I can wake him up early in the morning for a little morning bd. I have to tell myself to relax (what all of us infertiles love to hear) and wait until the morning, hopefully I will be able to sleep.

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