Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To tell or not to tell??????

So I am feeling good and hopeful and I need some advice on whether to tell the hubby when I am ovulating or just lure him into "the sex" In the past when I have built up the fact that we need to get down to business it has intimidated him. I have to admit in general (before ttc) G did a lot more of the initiating then me and I am more comfortable with this. However, once I started figuring out my fertile days I took matters into my own hands and I was less than subtle. G is definitely more of a romantic and a lot more into setting the scene and the right vibe than me. When I am in baby making mode I am a get down to the business kind of girl.
I don't want to be dishonest with him but I don't want him to feel pressured and like a piece of meat.....haha


  1. Hey! I am sorry to hear about your endo but it sounds like hopefully they have resolved everything. I say initiate in a romantic way to make everyone happy. Candles, roses, lingerie--who says you can't mix business and pleasure?!

    With my case, I have always had a history of really bad cysts (over 10 years now so 8 before they found out about the endo) but I can only really tell when they rupture. I probably had about one rupture every month or two, but now I am on the nuva ring and I am using it in a way to only have my period every few months to hopefully stop the spreading of endo until we actively decide to have kids. It has really helped cut down on my ovarian cysts. Progesterone creams help a lot for my ovarian cysts. I also have gotten fibroids in my breasts that really suck because you have to remove them and the progesterone cuts down on that as well. I don't know how that would effect your hormones since you are TTC, though.

    I'll quit writing this novel--but thanks again for for your comment--it is always good to hear from someone else who is going through endo. Feel free to email me any time: bluegrasslove@gmail.com

    Good luck with the baby makin'!

  2. When we were TTC there were times that knowing that I was ovulating made things better...the whole "omg we could be making a baby" thing I guess. Of course after the first year of that it was a chore, and neither of us really much enjoyed sex at all. If it gets you going...I say tell!