Monday, April 26, 2010

The wait is over and the wait begins......

So I met with the my fertility doctor/surgion today and I am not sure I learned very much about my surgery. I love Doctor G. and the office in general but when it comes to our one on one appointments I never come out satisfied. I always have my list of questions and they seem so much more important until I get in there and then I freeze. The problem is I wait in the waiting room and I am so impatient that as soon as I get in there I am so distracted and thrown off, I seem to forget what I was going to ask. So after waiting for 45 minutes (I know this sounds bad but I only wait for him and not for my daily appointments), I get in there and we chat for literally 2 minutes and then I am on my way. Basically this is what he said:
1. I had two cysts on my left ovary (6cm-4cm and 5cm-7cm) and one on my right ovary (3cm-5cm)
2. I had deep scarring and adhesions all over my reproductive organs (more than 5 cm deep)
3. They removed all of the endometrosis
4. I will be the most fertile in my life the for the next 3 months
5. I will go back in 3 months (if not pregnant.....haha) and decide what our next approach will be
**Overall he was shocked by how much and deep it was but is positive that we will now be able to get pregnat.
Okay, I know I am being a totally negative but I find this hard to believe. I know that I have to stay positive but that just isn't me. I hear bad in everything and I know I will be back in August to come up with a game plan. I just want to get down to it and be aggressive in this quest to get my knocked up. GIVE ME DRUGS!!!!!!


  1. Stopping over from LFCA to say hello & welcome! Hoping the doctor is right & you're able to get a BFP without major intervention...wishing you all the best:)

  2. Doctors have a way of making you forget questions. I've started going in with a written list (two copies - one for the doc one for me).

    That said, the fact that your doctor is optimistic is good. Fingers crossed that these next 3 months are magic!

  3. I always forget what I meant to ask too. I have started writing things down like Adele...but then when I get there I can never find my list!

  4. I have a notebook that is dedicated just to questions for doctors lol. I also leave space between questions so I can write down the answers given.

    I really hope that you get your BFP and have no miscarriage!!! ((hugs)) Good luck!