Sunday, April 25, 2010


So it has been a very busy week and I have barely gone to the gym (once). School was hectic because we had a music night performance at the local performing arts centre. The night was so long (6-11pm)that one of the Grade One kids grabbed the microphone and said "can I please go home now?". Truth be told we were all thinking the same thing.
My period is now gone but let me tell you the IBS Symtoms were worse than ever! It is the most embarassing thing to have to run to the bathroom after a meal and to have to stay in there for hours at a time. My poor husband is so patient and understanding...I hate being a shi*tty wife. My doctor assures me that most women with endo have these symptoms but I can't believe we all have to go through this.
Yesterday was my nephew's first birthday and It was a bit of a rough day. My SIL's best friend is pregnant and of course all of the women spent the afternoon chatting about baby stuff. Luckily there were two single women who were bored to tears with the conversation and they kept changing the subject and poking fun at all the baby talk. Although one said she just hoped that when it came time to have children that everything would go smoothly. It hurt because they all said there would be nothing worse than not being able to get pregnant. Uh kidding. Then my SIL looked over at me and gave me a wink and a I guess my husband told them about my surgery (he mentioned that he might but I thought he changed his mind).
On the drive home my MIL told me she saw a psychic (her best friend was having a 40th birthday party for her single daughter and hired a psychic for fun) and that the psychic said G and I would be having 2 girls very close in age. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't really believe in psychic's but at least someone sees babies in our future.
Tomorrow is my follow up appointment for my surgery and I feel like I can't remember all of the questions I wanted to ask. Before it felt like I had a million things to ask and now I just want to know when I ovulate because I have read that the 6-9 months after a lap are an endo woman's most fertile time.
I am off to mark 28, 8 paged book reports, good times!!!

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