Sunday, April 25, 2010

Juno Moment

Oh yeah I had a total Juno moment. I love the movie Juno I think her sense of humour is hilarious and it just cracks me up. Of course Jennifer Garner's character really touches me. Whenever I watch the part in the mall when Jennifer talks to Juno's belly I am balling uncontrollably and feel like I got kicked in the gut. So before the music night for my school the other night all of the teacher's went for dinner at Jack As*tors. My school is always filled with prenant teacher's so of course there was one sitting accross from me at dinner. She had, had a spicy lunch and the baby was kicking like crazy. Not only did our entire dinner conversation revolve around her, everyone took turns feeling the baby kick. When it came to my turn I did not want to participate in this. It is just too painful (like taking a kid to a candy/toy store to browse). I felt like I was going to have a mental break down. Everyone was staring at me and urging me on to feel it. I refused and after a very uncomfortable couple of minutes the converstation was over. I was biting my tongue not to scream "I am infertile you insensitive bastar*ds!".


  1. Sounds like a tough couple of days, between the music night and your nephew's birthday. Pregnant ladies. They're everywhere.

    I was sorry to read about your history, especially the fact that you suffered with endo as long as you did, and that it wasn't understood. Fingers crossed from you that your lap is going to make all the difference. (And thanks for your comments on my blog today!)