Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well today is my first day of my real summer vacation. After finishing summer school and visiting my MIL's trailor I am now home alone and already bored. I don't know why I am not outside in the sun reading my book but I just can't be bothered. Instead I am hiding out downstairs in my familar position watching "Bringing Baby Home" on TLC. I don't know why I torture myself but here I am in tears watching other people live my dream.
I am couting down the days (1 week left) until my fertility doctor appointment. This time I am going to make an aggressive plan to take control of this baby making situation. In my head I have decided to do 3 IUIs with clomid and then move on to IVF. I guess we will have to take the "clomid challenge" to see if clomid will help my egg quality. Do they still do this? I am such a loser havig this plan because it is just based on my google reading of what other people have done. I have no idea what my doctor is going to suggest but I can't handle another 3 months of wait and watch. My grandmother left us $25,000 when she died last year and I think she would happy for us to use it in this way. I know you can sign up for single IVF treatment or 3 at a time that is a bit less expensive so I think we will go for the 3 package. Who needs a down payment for a house anyways!!!
The annoying part is that Quebec (another province in Canada) now covers 3 IVF attempts and Ontario (where I live) is in the process of approving 3 cycles. Although I guess if my 3 don't work I can rely on the government at that point (although I am sure it will be years before it is covered, knowing the government).
Anyways, I want to go to Buffalo shopping but I have nobody to go with. G works every minute and most of my friends are working.


  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I really appreciate the encouragement. And you're so right, that "P" word is like a mythical unicorn...I never thought I'd see it for real.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have stage 4 endo and my last lap showed damaged fallopian tubes (both damaged, one blocked completely) and my doctor went straight to IVF rather than the Clomid challenge- as my fallopian tubes were surely not going to cooperate with clomid any better than they would with mother nature. Just a thought, maybe the same for you? I don't know your tubal status (love that, we have have labels as endo patients...I've got diaphragmatic endo, well I've got bowel resecting endo...lovely) but maybe you can ask about that.

    I do hope your doctors appointment goes well. I like the way you write! I'll be checking in on you, keep writing!!! Please! :) And good good luck.

  2. Can't wait to hear what your Dr has to say and am excited to know that you have a plan. It will make you feel better I think. I know that when I have next steps in place, I feel worlds better!

    AND STOP torturing yourself! get out and enjoy some sunshine while you have a summer ;-)