Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Warning Please!!!

So I went wedding dress shopping with one of my girlfriends and let's just say it was not what I expected. First she was late and conveniently the dress boutique was right next to a mommy and baby yoga studio. There was a sea of colourful Bugaboo strollers in every direction (although they were mostly being pushed by nannies). When she finally arrived 20 mins late she notified me that her friend was joining us. This had me start to panic right away because this friend just had a baby 6 weeks ago. I have never met her but she also has endometriosis(mild case) and had a laproscopic so my friend always updates me on how maybe I will be lucky like her. She was one of those mythical women that got pregnant the month after her surgery.
I felt awkward as they fawned over the baby and discussed child birth, pregnancy and how life is so different with a baby. She just couldn't believe how her memory has gone since she had her little angel(no kidding because you should remember from your minute of infertility that the last thing I want to hear about is your little miracle).


  1. Dang her!! - on both ends!! I really thought people who got pregnant after a laproscopy where a myth! I was hoping to be that #, but not my luck! Sorry, some people are so self absorbed. They don't mean to be, but all they think about is themselves. Our day will come! I plan on getting even somehow!! I figure I will lose the baby weight super quick- then everyone will be jealous of me for once! ha ha.

  2. How frustrating!!!!!! especially b/c wedding dress shopping is supposed to be about the bride, not the bride's friend's baby!!!! You would think that fellow IF suriviors would be a bit more sensitive. I hope things are looking better for you....