Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fingers Crossed

I am trying not to get excited but something has come to my attention that is making me think something great might have fallen into my lap. I have the tendency to jump five steps ahead in everything I do and get myself all worked up for nothing so I am trying really hard not to do this. So here it is......I was researching how Coenzyme Q10 (one of the suppliments I was planning to take during IVF) influences egg quality during IVF and a research study popped up. It couldn't be more perfect because it is investigating to see if women over 35 who use Coenzyme Q10 have more success in IVF. Uh, that could be me!!!! It turns out that the doctor who is running the study works out of a clinic right near my school so I emailed him to see if he still needed participants for his study (because don't they cover the cost of IVF in studies???). So I emailed the doctor and he said infact they were still looking for a few couples (although they are almost finished screening participants). So I immediately called my fertility clinic and requested for them to fax my information over to the other clinic. I am going crazy wondering if I am a good fit for the study. The truth is my birthday to turn 35 is in 2 months but hopefully they won't notice right away. The fact is that the study requires you to take 2 months of Q10 so the IVF wouldn't be until after I am already 35.
I am driving myself crazy obsessing over this. Did my clinic get their slow moving asses in gear and actually fax the information? Did they remember to send G's too? Why hasn't the research doctor called me?
Well I guess I have 2 weeks to wait to see if I am a fit because the doctor told me in the email they will be setting up the final interviews for participants in the next 2 weeks.
Anyways, I have probably cursed this by even mentioning it but I am so bad at secrets. I always warn people when I become friends with them that I am not a good secret keeper. I don't do it maliciously I just get excited and have no self control.


  1. Hello! I Just found your blog through another blogger blogroll. I liked your title, haha, it drew me here :) Just wanted to say hello and good luck from a fellow endo and infertility sister!!!

    I work in clinical trials and wanted to comment on your study find. Depends on the research study on whether they pay or not-if they are looking for people already undergoing IVF, I would tend to think it's not covered. Also, if you don't meet the criteria (ie, age), legally, they may not be able to let you participate. It depends on how "strictly" that criteria is written in the protocol. It's different everywhere, so, you never know. I would call and ask these things you are wondering about rather than waiting 2 weeks! Of course, I'm impatient like that ;)

    I hope it all works out!

  2. good luck kc! i am hopign to participate in a study in the chicago area for women over 35 as well! its not on co-enzyme Q but its still a free IVF cycle! keep me posted. we might be cycling at a similar time.

  3. Wow... how exciting! Please keep us posted... It would be great to have some advances in the area of egg quality...