Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My list for the Fertility Dr.

1. I have stabbing pains in both my ovaries again
2. I also get shooting pains throughout the month from my ovaries down to my vajayjay
3. Plus I have pins and needles in my vajajay off and on
4. I want to take a more aggressive approach
5. What can be done to improve my egg quality?
6. Should I have a ultra-sound to see if my cysts/endometriomas are back?
7. Do you think Clomid would be helpful?
8. Would an IUI be a good avenue for me even though I have "bad eggs"?
9. Do you think we should just go straight to IVF?
10. Should I be thinking about finding an egg donor or is that premature?


  1. Love the list! My only suggestion is to SAY "I need an ultrasound to see if my cysts/endometriomas are back, and do it NOW" instead of asking. :)

    Have you heard anything about your tubes? Have they done an HSG to check if there are any blockages or anything? That might be a good one to look into if not.

    GOOD LUCK! Definitely thinking about you, keep me updated on how the appointment goes. And be strong :)

  2. That's a good list to start with. Although it's a bit premature, you can ask him too what the success rates for IVF at his clinic are.

    You might not get a satisfactory answer about improving egg quality from the doctor though, apart from the "eat healthily" one. Western medicine does not really address this issue. I'm having the same problem with my eggs and I've gone the route of Traditional Chinese Medicine which seems to give us the best shot at making good eggs. Randine Lewis' book "The Infertility Cure" has a great list of ways to improve egg quality. Maybe you can start at this link for a brief intro into it:

    Good luck with the appointment!