Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eastern Medicine

Hi Ladies,
I have been doing some reading on egg quality and I am interested in all of the Eastern Medical approaches. When we do IVF I am definitely going to do acupunture but I also want to do some suppliments to increase my chances of getting a BFP. Although I have read that any changes in diet and lifestyle take 4 months to positively effect my eggs I think it is better to start now than never. I have read a couple of other people's blogs and found some suppliments that might help. I would love input if there is anything missing on my list.
1. Prenatal vitamins
2. Fish Oil (reduce the growth of endo)
3. Wheatgrass
4. Coenzyme Q10
5. Vitamin D
6. Vitamin C
7. Royal Jelly
8. Folic Acid


  1. Check all 8- we must be reading the same stuff! I'm really interested in doing Mini-IVF, and figure what the heck, might as well go for quality vs. quanitity! :) I also just started reading "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis- it seems good so far.

  2. I've had some really positive results with eastern medicine lately. I blogged about it in my latest post:

    I would add spirulina to your list. And Vit B complex if it's not covered in your pre-natal vits. Also Evening Primrose Oil for good EWCM. And try Fibrovan/Endovan for endo. I can't say for sure if Fibrovan directly caused a pain-free period for me for the first time in ages, since I'm also taking TCM pills, but if it did, that's really significant! I know it's a crazy list of pills to pop! But hey! An IF girl's gotta do what an IF girl's gotta do! Good luck!

  3. In my last 2 IVF cycles I started taking the coenzyme q10, royal jelly and had been taking wheat grass and fish oil forever. The 2nd cycle worked for me. I am not sure if it was that or not. I also did the acupuncture for IVF. Be careful with some of the supplements because I do remember my dr. telling me about negative side effects for some of them if you do get pregnant. I always stopped the supplements once my eggs were retrieved.