Friday, August 13, 2010

Letter to my doctor

Thanks to the support of my fellow bloggers I have decided to try and be more proactive in this process. I have taken Kathleen's suggestion and insisted on emailing my doctor about my concerns and requests. Now how succussful it will be is still unknown. He doesn't have a public direct email but I have sent a message through the general inquiry section on the website (as suggested by his nurse) with attention to my doctor.

Dear Dr. G

I am following up regarding our appointment yesterday. My husband and I have discussed moving on to IVF at length and are ready to do so now regardless of if my tubes are blocked. We are interested in expediting this process. Instead of waiting another 6 weeks for test results we are requesting to schedule the necessary appointments now. We would like to get the process of IVF underway sooner than later.
We have scheduled the appointments you have requested and will be in to see you on September 22.
I hope that you can understand the sense of urgency to move this process along in a more timely manner.
Thank you for your understanding,

Please let me know what you ladies think of the letter


  1. Yeah Kelly! The only thing we can control in this journey is our own empowerment, so good for you!! :-) Hope you get a good response and can start along your process soon.

  2. Good for you!! That sense of empowerment you must feel. As if Endo isn't slow enough- we don't need to wait on a doctor to take his time either! Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes on the 22nd :)

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I have a pretty aggressive personality and don't mind asking lots of questions. And it was uncomfortable.. even for me.. to ask my RE questions about my treatment etc. But the more I asked and the more I understood the better I felt... Like I actually did hjave some sort of control over this process (in my own little way).