Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mixed Emotions

So I continue to be crazy but I think a little less every day. Although I joked about having a cervical/uterine infection it is still on my mind. Other than that I am trying to stay busy at school and get ready for Christmas. Did I mention G and I are going to California for the entire break. I am really excited and I think it is the perfect plan. I will have my Beta on the Friday morning and then drive to Buffalo for our flight. So no matter what our results are we will have time to digest it together without the pressure of friends and family. We are flying in to San Diego and then out of San Franciso and in between we are going to spend Christmas in Vegas. The trip planning is helping to distract me! Plus next week my students have exams for the first time in their acadmemic life. We have been busy organizing study groups and reviewing all of the course material.
I have been having pains in my ovaries. I am sure it is my endometriosis but it is a bit unsettling.
Oh yeah, one last question. How long after an embryo transfer would a period show up if IVF is not successful??


  1. I love that you're staying busy. And what a great timing for beta - right before you leave for vacation.

    You're taking progesterone, right? If yes, then your period would likely hold off until a few days after you stop taking progesterone. But you don't have to worry about that - this IVF is going to work!

  2. So we are going to be in Vegas from the 20th to 24th...we really needed a break so I can't wait to go relax! Sounds like your vacation will be fun too!

  3. Boy these 2ww's are killin' us!
    Good luck with that distraction, I am willing myself to find things to do to get my mind off of it.
    When do you leave for vacation?

  4. I have actually always gotten my period even before my scheduled beta, but I don't think that is typical. Even in my case, I can tell the progesterone is holding it back and then once I stop the progesterone, it just comes. Sorry for TMI, just wanted to share my experience. We're gonna hope AF doesn't show up so that will be a moot point!!

  5. Great plan! If it works (which it will) its your celebratory trip! If it doesn't, then you have something to look forward too! Thats a great idea... which I may steal :) Our beta is going to be New Years Eve! We need a back up plan too!