Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi Ladies,
I think my last post was misleading and I apologize. I was in a drugged up state when I made the post from the recovery room after my retrieval. I didn't have all of the information and I am one to jump to conclusions. I had heard them talking about my empty follicles and I was distroyed. It turns out that I actually had 5 empty follicles but 2 eggs were retrieved. Thanks for all of the love and anger over my disasterous retrieval. I really never even thought there was a chance of empty follicles. It didn't even register on my radar until yesterday. Does anyone know if I am now more likely to have empty follicles in furture cycles?
I actually passed yesterday afternoon and didn't wake up until 5am this morning. I am still devastated by the results but I guess I should be grateful that they got any. It feels like such a mourning period but I have to start looking on the bright side of things.
THE BEST news about it all is that I got a call today and both of my 2 eggs have fertilized. I know this is only a very small victory and they have a long way to go in dividing and developing but this is the best thing that has happened all cycle. I cried tears of joy this morning because I was in such shock.


  1. Oh phew - this is much better than empty follicles. And yay - 2 eggs are fertilized - that's wonderful! Keep sending good vibes to your two embryos, and I'm doing the same...

  2. 100% fertilization rate? Outstanding! I'm so glad two of your eggs made it this far - here's to the rest!

  3. Oh that's great!! I am so happy to hear this!!!

  4. oh god! what a friggin rollercoaster! holy cow. it reminds me of my last cycle. well, i'm glad that you have a few to work with. thinking of you and those embryos!

  5. I'm so glad you have 2 and they both fertilized!!!

  6. Hey there, I came across your blog today and enjoyed reading it! Feel free to stop by my page anytime, i am also ttc with pcos :) have a wonderful evening.

  7. It WILL work. I am pulling for you! I am sure that they will be good little eggies and do what their mom says!

  8. that they both fertilized is awesome news!

    im sorry you had some empties. i think that is normal, but my degree is only from google. better to check with your RE ;)

    100% fert rate is awesome, esp with only a couple. i was so upset when i read your post yesterday but i wasn't home and for some reason i can't comment on most blogs on it.

    fingers crossed and i am just going to go ahead and say this WILL work!! positive thinking can't hurt, right?


  9. what a crazy wild ride you are on!!! I am pulling for your two little embryos. My fingers are staying crossed that they continue to grow and that you are gearing up for a transfer very soon.
    Hang in there....