Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeling the love

I just want to thank my blogging friend Kksun from "The Road Less Traveled" for recognizing little old me for "The Cherry on Top Award". It has put me in the perfect mood for my retrieval tomorrow.

I would like to give the award to the following fabulous bloggers:
Kathleen at "As Fast as Baby Can"-who is facing some tough decisions
Alex at "Alex's Adventures" who seems to be a follicle making machine
Sarah at "The Rocky Road to Motherhood" who got her BFP
Debbie at "The Infertile Farmer" who just had a very successful FET
Heather at "The Road Less Traveled" who is starting the injection rollercoaster again

Just save the picture and paste it into your next post. Then nominate 5 ladies you would like to give the award to. Thanks for making my journey a little easier!


  1. You're so sweet - thank you!!!

    And I'm so excited for your retrieval today - good luck!!!

  2. awwww! thanks KC! i totally needed that today. i can't wait to pass along the good vibes.... also looking forward to your retrieval news. best of luck!

  3. I wanted to thank you last week, but after your E/R, I hardly felt like it was the appropriate time to be talking blog awards. But, now that we are onto much better grounds, I wanted to say, "Thank you so much!" You are too sweet to recognize little ole' me!