Thursday, April 28, 2011

Low Counts

So I am a bit bummed about my sister's results and I feel guilty saying it. We got the results from her day 4 tests back and she only had 6 antral follicles. Gosh, even I had 9 during my cycle monitoring. This seems at bit bleek and I hate for her to go through all of this if the chances are so low it seems so selfish. I was just looking at some data that said that generally when you have an antral follicle count of 6 you end up with around the same number of eggs. It went on to say that your chances of a live birth go down considerably with less than 9 antral follicles. Please someone tell me they had a low antral follicle test and ended up with double digit eggs. Hopefully they won't start her on a super low dose of Gonal F because then I will have a full anxiety attack!
Her other stats are as follows: Estrogen 293
LH is 2.7
FSH is 6.3


  1. i only have one ovary and my high AFC was 9...highest ever. they were usually 6 or 7. i have gotten pregnant twice. first IVF was 5 eggs retrieved and all 5 fert normally but only two turned into babes (3 frozen were crap), and IVF 4 we only got 4 eggs, 3 fert normally and only our 2 made it, and they are now incubating, hopefully happily, for the next 24 weeks.
    GOOD LUCK whatever you decide.

  2. Hi there, I am 40 - At my first test I had 5 antral follicles - two on one side three on the other.
    Then I started taking co Q 10, the next month I had a total of 7, then following that 8. Then I noticed I was taking less than the regular dose (because I was just taking the smallest sip out of the bottle - because it's expensive) but then I decided to start taking more like a tea spoon ((still swigging out of the bottle))- The next month I was not tested, but the following month I had 13. I am absolutely convinced it was the co Q 10. I changed nothing else!

  3. wouldn't it be nice of just once things would go the way you want them to? 6 is still a decent number for her age, so keep hope, and i know i hate this saying, but, 'you only need one'... ;-)

  4. Her FSH is normal, but her estrogen level is high for Day 4. 6 antral follicles is not bad.. but I would want to know why her estrogen is high because she may not respond well to stim meds.

    I wish you didn't have to go through so much. I'm cheering for you.