Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Staying at 3

So it looks like the growth of my eggs has become stagnant. It sucks and I feel defeated. The cyst that could have been an egg has now been 100% deemed a cyst and tomorrow we will decide if we are going to pursue this or abandon ship. I am frustrated and I hate this stupid roller coaster. I am curious what they will do differently next time? Is there another protocol?
I have to admit that I really don't like the way my clinic is run. It frustrates me that I see a different doctor every day and various ultra sound techs see me each morning. It is so inconsistant and they all seem to have varying views. Yesterday they said not to worry because there is time to progress and today they told me we should think about cancelling because the eggs aren't progressing. Yesterday they said that people can stim on an antagonist cycle anywhere from from 7-14 days so that I had lots of time to develop. Now today the doctor said that by day 6 you pretty much know how many eggs you are going to get and things don't really change. I don't get it, my estrogen level hasn't changed so why the big change in outlook. Today I am ready to throw the towel in on this cycle and I know tomorrow I will have a different doctor on duty see me and they will give me yet another opinon. By the way, the doctor on duty is never my own doctor. G and I have come to a decision about the cycle. We will inject tonight and then tomorrow (they are going to use the extras from the bottom of our gonal pens). If we don't have atleast 5 eggs we are going to abandom ship. Let me know what you think?


  1. Just catching up - sorry I haven't been around for the IVF drama in your life. This sucks, it really does! I definitely think you should get a second opinion from a different doc/clinic if this cycle doesn't work. I don't know about abandoning ship if you don't have at least 5. If it were me, I'd probably still go for it...

    Hang in there, my dear! Hugs...

  2. Oh hun, I am so sorry.
    That does sound frustrating and confusing. I am with Alex on getting a second opinion.
    Good luck, thinking of you!!!!

  3. oh suck!!! i guess i'd abandon ship only if they thought this was a fluke cycle like the first and they could do better next time or if i was paying out of pocket/had limited insurance covered attempts. but if this is insurance covered and the best it may get (like in my DOR case), i'd go for it still with 5. good luck sorting this all out! still cheering for you whatever you decide!!

  4. Ugh, a hard decision. I cancelled (converted to IUI) several times because I didn't think the number follicles I had was worth the money to go to retrieval. But we didn't have insurance coverage for the procedures (although we did for meds so that made it easier to convert since it wasn't like I was 'losing' those meds that I'd already shot myself up with.)

    I also agree with Alex that if you haven't gotten a second opinion yet and there is another clinic in range that you could check out, I'd do it. I think it does make all the difference if you think your clinic is well run (and you trust your doctor.)

    Thinking of you and wishing for you that this all turns around yet!