Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In or Out

So the nurse from my clinic just called me and it was not good news. She said that my estrogen is down and that we have to make a decision tomorrow morning. She believes that because I am not responding that means that my ovarian reserve is so low that I will never produce multiple eggs. She says that there are only 2 protocols and because neither worked for me that we should probably move on to an egg donor, if it is an option. She said we could try upping my gonal f but in the past when women respond so poorly to the amount I am taking (300ius per night) that it doesn't make a difference to go up to (450iu)
My questions to you are: 1. Would you finish this cycle knowing there will probably be only 2 eggs? (one of the 3 is small) 2. Would you abandom the cycle and try upping the meds to the highest dosage and hope for more?(we would be out $2500 for meds but we could use the money we have paid for our next cycle) 3. Would you go right to donor egg (if my sister is really going to go for it)?
I am leaning towards abandoning this cycle, starting a new one with the highest volume of meds, and then if I don't respond seeing if my sister is serious about going through all of this bull shit!
I hate my life!!!!


  1. something does not sound right to me. I would not want to do this cycle if circumstances are not ideal but I would want a second opinion. My first ivf was a mess and DE was mentioned, but I went to a new a RE and gor totally different results (not a pregnancy but still better). I am also not so happy that a nurse is having this kind of conversation with you. It feels fine for a nurse to call you with results but the rest feels like something that only your actual RE should go through with you. Just my two sense of course
    hang in there.

  2. I think you need a new clinic or doctor that is going to give you more individualized attention. It may not get you pregnant faster but you shouldnt have to guess at major decisions. The mental/emotional toll and cost to you and your husband should warrant a doctor's time and professional discussion, behavior and follow-through before such serious decisions are made. It's obviously too late for this cycle to switch but if I were you I'd call the office ask to speak with your doctor ASAP, get him to look at your results and help you decide. What's the worst thing that happens? the receptionist thinks youre a pain in the ass? big deal.
    Also, it only takes 1 egg to make a baby...I'm following your story and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. But don't just vent this out on here, call the office, demand some attention and make educated decisions.

  3. I agree with the other two gals. You deserved a call from the specialist who is trained in helping you make these decisions.

    Go with your gut. If you are not happy with the results, don't go on with the IVF and save what money you can for the next try.

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I am taking this cycle to determine my ovarian reserve...it's scary.


  4. (Sorry, just saw this earlier post after I commented on the later one!)

    I don't get the 'there's only 2 protocols' comment. Did they mean there are only 2 protocols that they know of? I used at least 3 or 4 different variations of protocols. Have you used an estrogen priming protocol yet? That's supposed to be good for poor responders (although, oddly, for me I was better off with a Clomid + FSH protocol).

    It doesn't look like from your history you've tried just an IUI yet. Is there a reason for that? (sorry, don't mean to be nosy, but I'm trying to think through my own experience and see if it is helpful.) Especially after a lap to remove endometriosis, our doctor said the statistics say your chances improve with IUI (as well as trying the old-fashioned way). After I failed to make it to retrieval in IVF# and #2 and then transferred 2 grade 1 on day 3 in IVF#3 but got a BFN, I had a lap. Next cycle we did an IUI and I was pregnant (ok, it was genetically abnormal, but that's because I'm old and so are my eggs.)

    Don't despair yet! Honestly, I think you have time yet to figure out if you can get your own eggs to respond (of course, that's my perspective sitting here at 40 years old where I felt I had run out of time.)

    On the other hand, if you are just ready to move on beyond your own eggs and all the grief they've given you, DE could be your path.

    I also agree with cgd that the kind of detailed conversation about your response to this protocol and what you should do is one that your doctor owes you - not one your nurse is probably as well equipped to handle.

  5. I'm so sorry this sucks. There are other options (if you're open to them) other than you sister if this is the route that you go down. My sisters were too old to donate. I was a opps many years after my parents were supposedly "done". We contacted an agency and have really felt that the process was very easy, other than the roller coaster of emotions. Transfer was last Thursday. I wish you all the best.

  6. kc - i feel like it's always worth a second opinion. if this cycle doesn't work, and you have the option of a different clinic, it would be at least worth getting another opinion on protocol... assuming you want to go through this again. there are lots of RE's who specialize in low responders/cystic ovaries... there are more than 2 protocols, btw... that nurse is on crack.. :-) there are 2 basic ones, but there are many derivites of them. they can add LH to the mix and also do estrogen priming protocols....

    oh and PS... I was on 300 and 450 both and i respond WAY better to 450

    i hate that clinics are run that way too. its so irritating. you get a different opinion w/ different doctors and that soooo doesn't help an already crazy intense process.

    as for your questions:
    i like your thoughts about abandoning, trying one last time w/ a different protocol, A DIFFERENT CLINIC (if that's an option) and highest meds possible :-) you just want to make sure you feel like you've exhausted all options so you don't have any regreats.... well that, and some $$ left :-)

  7. It is inappropriate for the nurse to discuss egg donor on the phone with you. This is a huge undertaking and should be discussed only with your RE in his office (not on the phone)..

    I think you need to see another RE for a 2nd opinion. There are more than two protocols.

    You really need to talk to your RE tomorrow when you go for the ultrasound. Was your estradiol level not rising appropriately or did it decrease? It makes no sense if it decreased since you are still on Gonal-F. They can increase the Gonal-F to see if it continues to rise.

    Don't talk to this nurse anymore.. talk to your RE. I hate that this clinic is not giving you the attention and care you need.

    Please keep us posted. We all care about you.