Monday, February 14, 2011

Cysts versus Eggs

What a disaster my clinic is. Maybe I am being too demanding but seriously it is hard to believe that "skilled" ultra sound techs can't figure out the difference between cysts and eggs. Every time I go in they change the report. It ranges from them recording me as having anywhere from 2-6 cysts. Seriously, they have no idea how many eggs I have because they don't know if they are cysts or eggs. I assume they are cysts because last time they were so off on my egg count.
At today's appointment they said my cyst (that yesterday they told me was an egg) has grown to 2.0. When I pointed out that they had thought it was an egg yesterday the nurse didn't know how to explain. She said it will only become clear when they got bigger. This confuses me because the eggs aren't supposed to get bigger than 2.0 before retrieval. Anways, they are now counting 3 eggs and possibly a fourth that could also be a cyst. I guess I will take the extra egg if it is in fact an egg.
Thanks for the input on my last post. They won't nicrease my doses for a couple of reasons: 1. The meds make my cysts grow 2. I am already double the doses from last IVF and they worry about over stimulating 3. I have only be injecting for 4 days so I have another week to go.
I am doing an antagonist cycle (whatever that means) so egg counts are supposed to be different(lower to start) and apparently they say I should see more any day now ( I will believe it when I see it).
Thanks for the support!!!


  1. Sorry you are having a rough time again. It is frustrating when your doctors and nurses can't seem to give you any answers. If you've only been stimming a few days more folicles may show up. Don't lose all hope yet. I won't even have an ultrasound until I've been stimming for five or six days. Good luck and try to think positively! I know, I know...easier said than done.

  2. Wow, I haven't done an IVF, but I would be worried if my clinic couldn't tell the difference between an egg and a cyst.
    I hope you get a ton of eggs popping up in the next few days!!!

  3. It does seem ridiculous that they can't tell the difference doesn't it!!!

  4. Yeah, I have seen both follicles and cysts on my u/s and they look very similar. Like black sacs. But someone trained should be able to tell you which is which. I am pulling for you!


  5. I had a wicked time with Cysts for both my cycles, (My ovaries are very cystic) I was told several times there were not sure what was a cyst and what was an egg, but by comparing what they see on the ultrasound and what my blood work numbers were they can tell approximately how many eggs are in there. For example last cycle they knew there was 5 or 6 eggs in there, and we got 5 on retrieval day.

  6. here's my 2cents, for whatever it is worth, from my experience at a clinic with an actual trained u/s tech--the last three ivf's cycles i've done have all resulted in one "follicle/cyst-appearing sac". on the last go, they finally took me to retrieval (instead of canceling me as before), just b/c my response wasn't changing, it was supposed to be our last try and maybe we could (hahahaha) get to transfer day with that one little egg. the doc got in there, tried to retrieve it and discovered it was a cyst, not a follicle. now b/c she wasn't charging for this retrieval, i know she didn't do it just to get money.
    anyways, in every discussion with her during all three of those cycles, she claimed it was impossible to tell from u/s whether it is a cyst or follicle-as they both are fluid filled sacs to some degree-and the only way to know for sure is to retrieve/drain. however, they can get a pretty good idea of what is going on by watching how they grow and comparing the day of stims and the size/maturity with your e2 level. for me though, my e2 level was at a point that was accounted for by either one mature follicle (a cyst) or by my two much smaller immature follicles (which were actually follicles but the large dominate cyst clouded the picture).
    as an unfortunate veteran of ivf, i have to also say that i think there are two main ways to go through a cycle as you probably know (but maybe this will help someone else out there)--one being totally over informed to the point stressing over all these various numbers in an attempt to ensure what your RE is doing is correct within your level of understanding whatever that may be OR two being on the ignorance is bliss train, realizing that while RE's mess up (trust me...mine messed up huge on another issue so I'm all about patient advocacy if possible), if you're with a good one, they will be looking at the numbers and no matter how much you stress over it all, it isn't going to make you produce more eggs (b/c if stress and focused analyzation equalled eggs, i've have millions every month just like most of us here!). you have to find the place along that continuum that is right for you and right for you right then. the first four cycles, i was a huge number stressor and information analyzer. this time, knowing that i'm with a very competent RE and i can't change any of this anyway, i've tried to side more on the ignorant/ignoring side. i'm not totally succeeding, but the days that i just say, whatever, doc, you handle the thinking are the days that i am calmer. but again, this isn't my first go around either. i have no idea if any of that is useful to you, but i thought i'd throw it out there anyways. i hope that things are a little clearer for you both from your body and you clinic at your next visit!! i'm still cheering for however many eggs you end up with!!

  7. ugh, I am so sorry for this and wish things were going more smoothly. Is your RE doing your scans or a nurse? My clinic always has an RE do them, but if I time it right (usually going early) I can actually see my RE. He tends to spend way more time with me and seems more invested then the person who is just scanning that morning. Maybe you can request to see your RE so you guys can see whats going on together. Just a thought.
    hang in there....

  8. totally agree with cgd--if you aren't understanding what's going and getting conflicting explanations, it might be appropriate to see if you can schedule a phone call with your RE (or your nurse practitioner if one is assigned to you at your clinic) just to get a little clarification. I know a little understanding, if possible/available, goes a long way in keeping me calmer and increasing my trust in my clinic's ability.