Friday, February 4, 2011

Are we really doing this again???

Well we were going to wait until after our cruise but I had a drs appointment today and because we are doing a shorter antagonist cycle we can squeeze it in before we go. I know hubby was thinking we could wait and do the cycle when we were relaxed after our vacation but I can't wait. Mostly because I loved being able to get away when things didn't work out last time. It was great to having something else to look forward to instead of wallowing in self pity. I know that it is a bit pessimistic to be making plans for another failed attempt but I like to think of myself as a realist. Honestly, I am probably cursing myself but I truly believe my eggs are stale (hence my blog title) and I don't want to let myself to be shattered if this cycle doesn't work. Plus my sister isn't getting any younger so if I want to use her eggs we have to get moving.
By the way my parents seemed to have taken their offer of paying for this round off of the table. To make a long story short, they give us money for a trip to visit them every year and we declined this year (we are driving instead of flying) so they said to take the money ($1000) and put it towards our IVF or whatever we want to do with it. There was no mention of paying for the rest of the round and I would HATE to initiate the conversation. Any suggestions????


  1. I think that's good to have a cruise to look forward to just in case. And if you are pregnant it'll be even better! As for our parents, idk it's such a touchy subject. =( Is there any way your sister could mention something to them or play dumn and say "oh it's so nice you're paying for KC's cycle!"

  2. I am glad you get to squeeze in a cycle. Fingers crossed!!
    I think with your parents you need to be direct about it and ask them where things stand with their offer. I would put it out there that you totally understand if they are unable to do so. good luck, talking about money sucks....

  3. glad you get to squeeze in a cycle. as for your P's, i'd just come out and ask them. explain the situation and see if its still on the table, but i can be too brutally honest sometimes, so ... i guess it just depends on your type of relationship with them. cgd has good advice about being direct but also understanding that if its not on the table, that's fine too.

  4. Oh wow! How exciting! I think it's wonderful to have the cruise planned for after the cycle, no matter what the result! Everything crossed for a successful cycle and then a relaxing cruise!!!

  5. Well, I am so glad you are back to blogging!
    I hope that this ends with you celebrating while on your cruise!
    Can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Good idea to squeeze in another cycle pre trip. Hopefully you will be celebrating a BFP on your trip! As for the money issue, it's a sticky one. We never asked or expected money but two sets of parents were very generous. You know your relationship with your parents best so really only you will know what is acceptable or being too pushy.