Sunday, February 13, 2011

2 freakin eggs

Ugh!!!! I only have 2 eggs!!! This is so frustrating and I am sick of this bull shit. I hate the smugness on the nurse's face (I know it's not her fault). I wish she would be honest and say that it sucks. I hate the fake bullshit trying to make me feel better. She tried to say it is only day 6 and that there "could" be more before the retrieval. This time I will not go through with the retrieval unless we are showing more eggs because it is a waste of money and too damn depressing. They will not sway me with their false optimism!!!
This SUCKS!!!!


  1. i agree. i think we need some sort of bullshit meter to show our nurses and doctors what we need. For example, the scale could range from: SUGAR COAT everything and make me feel a fake, false senses of hope.... to TELL ME LIKE IT IS and give it to me straight, even if it sucks.

    Some people need the optimism, but mostly I just want to be validated in my feelings of disappointment, as it seems you do too..

    Sorry for the frustrating news KC.

  2. Did they just measured those that were 1.0?. After injection for six days, I had ~4 eggs that were measurable (anything over 1.0).. they didn't measure anything less than 1.0. Then, I came back on Day 8, it went up to 12..

    I am rooting for you.

  3. Are they adjusting your meds at all to see if that helps? Very frustrating... I'm sorry!

  4. Well whatever happens, just do whatever is best for you.
    Maybe there will be more eggs and you will feel more confident in the retreival and maybe there won't...
    Maybe the next time they will know better how to adjust your meds to give you a better response.
    I am sorry this is happening. Just listen to your gut and you will decided the right thing.

    Good luck KC!

  5. I'm so sorry! Thinking of you...

  6. I'm so sorry! I don't blame you for being pissed at the nurse. I hate when they provide you fake fluff! Hang in there, hon! Wishing you better news at your next appt.

  7. found you on another blog's follow list...i could have written this same post myself for my last three cycles (and maybe this one, as tomorrow will tell). i'm sorry. i hate the illogical encouragement i've been provided too--i'm not stupid, i know i'm not going to go from 1 or 2 to 20 in a few days. hopefully you'll go from 2 to something closer to 10 though so how. hoping for a better appt for you in the coming days!!

  8. I'm so sorry, that sucks big time, and I don't really have any comforting words... dang, was hoping for more!

  9. So sorry you're having to go through this. It really sucks when you're taking all the drugs and going to monitoring appointments and you get not a lot to show for it. I swing between being mad at my doc and ultrasound techs when they're overly pessimistic and being mad at them when they're overly optimistic. I never seem to be able to be pleased! But it's hard. I agree with some of the suggestions above: Have they talked about adjusting meds? Talked about converting to an IUI? I know none of that is what you really want, i.e. a sh*tload of follicles in order to have a great chance at getting pregnant. Hang in there and take care!

  10. I am so sorry, this sucks.
    I am with you, stand your ground. You know yourself and your body better than anyone and you shouldn't go through with something you aren't 100% confident in.
    Thinking of you.