Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another twist

Okay I don't want to create bad karma and I promised myself I would only think optomistic thoughts but I lied....haha. So the clinic did not call me back like they said they would (this happened yesterday too) so I had to call and follow up. I hate calling because it always makes me feel so desperate but I gave in and called around 3:30 because they close at 4:00. So I asked if they still wanted me to take the gonal F and they said of course (like I should know when they didn't call me back). Then I asked if my estrogen was still high and she said that it had dropped. This kind of frustrates me because I thought they were planning to call me if it dropped. Anyways, she asks if I took my superfact this morning and I said of course (because they told me to) Then she said I shouldn't have because we could have used a little spike in the estrogen. Okay, so what am I supposed to do about that now. Anyways, so now I am worried about it "bottoming out" , although I don't know what that means and what the risks are assoicated with that.
Anyways, I am still triggering tonight and taking the Gonal F but now I am worried that my eggs are going to dry up because of my low estrogen. Also another thing that keeps popping into my head is that my eggs are going to be stale because they have been hanging around for too long. If everyone could just wait until all of their follicles got big enough to retrieve why wouldn't they?????? Some sort of quality must go down now that I am 4 days past my regularily scheduled retrieval.
Oh yeah and I am worried about G's sperm. We were told that he couldn't releave himself for 4 days before the procedure but then they kept moving the date back. So now we are worried that his boys will be wonky because he hasn't releaved himself in over a week. I asked the lady today if he should pull one off and she said it was up to us. ahh.........so frustrating aren't they the professionals. So now the question is to wank or not to wank......hahah!


  1. When is the retrieval? :) i hate when they act like you should know stuff. We are in charge of ourselves, so, call as much as you need to! Good luck!

  2. okay i can help you with the sperm. and im sure your husband will be happy :) we were told that T should abstain for 2 days before retrieval. i know that if the spermies are in there too long, they start to get malformed. if i were you guys, id have some fun tonight :)
    also T found a study not too long ago that said it doesn't matter if they abstain or not. i wish i could remember where he saw that. so, in my opinion id rather have fresher sperm and possibly lower numbers than effed up old sperm. remember, they will be in a small petri dish so it isn't like an IUI where they have to find the eggies.
    *just my opinion!!!*

    also in my opinion is that your levels will even out tomorrow because i don't know what superfact is but im assuming you won't be taking it tomorrow. it can't take your body too long to respond if she had expected it to rebound by today w/o it, right?

    also, i am wishing you the very best, this is all so hard, not fair and all around unsettling.

    but it will be so worth it if it works.


  3. I had to call my RE's office too because they didn't call me like they said they would. I feel like I'm bugging them when I call, but on the other hand, we are paying them so we should call whenever we want!!!
    I say go ahead with the fun this evening...fresher is better!

  4. Go with the fresher and you could probably use the stress release!
    Good luck (with the retrival, not the sex)!!!

  5. ugh! i'm sorry that your cycle is filled with such question and torment. its so frustrating when things don't go as you expect them to... i'll keep my fingers crossed for a great retrieval..

    and yes, fresher is way better. have fun tonight ;-)

  6. I'm betting your hubby is a happy man right now since multiple women have advised him to whack off. Hope you have great luck with the retrieval and beyond.

  7. So frustrating!! I was told by the clinic to make sure my husband released himself by the night of the trigger shot. It would be better I think as his quality will be better than if he does not.
    Ahh, I hate how unorganised clinics are sometimes!!

  8. so frustrating, this cycle has been such a wild ride for you. I hope things go well today, I am too amazed at how disorganize these RE offices can be.
    hang in there.....

  9. What a crazy rollercoaster! I have all the hope in the world for you that the rollercoaster evens out, and you have a wildly successful retreival and transfer!

  10. Soo frustrating that they didn't call you! Also frustrating about the timing of your hubby's last .... release. My ER was three days later then originally scheduled so don't worry.

    We are 99% sure we will transfer 2. I know the clinic will push us to transfer 1 but it is just too invasive and too expensive for just 1 in my opinion.

  11. Oh I hope it all works out for you! I can't wait to see what happens!

    Fresh sperm is better than old sperm.

  12. good luck w/ the retrieval and transfer!