Monday, May 3, 2010

Failure to Launch

So hubby could not perform last night (wow, I can't believe I am sharing this). He literally could not get it up.....and I was pissed. I know this is not the way a loving and supportive wife should act...I get it, he's tired, he's stressed out at work, and we already did it 3 days. Why couldn't he have waited until we were ovulating to do it, I warned him on Thursday that we should wait! Of all days he couldn't perform why day 13 (typically the day the fertility clinic calls to remind us to do some bd). So now it is day 14 and we aren't talking (I stormed out and slept in the spare room). I know that I am being terribly immature but we are in a time crunch here and we need to make the most of my clear lady business. I was pissed, I even suggested that he use a shoe horn to get it in....haha...and he doesn't want a piece of this! Now I am babyless and hubby doesn't even want to hump me, this is just pathetic.

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