Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Depressed or just Tired

I have been absolutely dragging my ass lately. I am behind in my marking and I have turned into a total couch potato! I actually have energy all day when I am at school (I think I get energy from the kids) but as soon as I get home I eat and then fall asleep by 6pm. I wake up again around 8 pm, this is ridiculous. Hubby is working nights teaching extra lessons so that we can have some extra $$$. I just can't seem to drag my ass out to the gym. This sounds a lot like depression, right?
By the way I finally got over the "failure to launch" situation. I know I was a complete bi*ch and a terrible wife. G actually apologized to me (not sure why) but I am grateful. I really just couldn't get over it.
The count down is on, I leave for Ottawa/Montreal with my class on Tuesday, and theres only 12 days left in my 2ww. If women actually have symptoms of pregnancy immediately then I am not preggo because I feel nothing yet. I know it is probably too soon anyways, but I wish I felt a twinge of something.

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  1. I feel the depression too! It just stagnates. I wish I could snap my finger and be happy, but its seems like so much work.