Friday, May 14, 2010

CD 2

Well I am back from my school trip and ready to die...okay I am exagerating but I am more exahusted than I have ever been. We had a great time but sleep was not included in the plan. Of course to add a little excitement I started my period yesterday unexpectedly. With the exception of 3 months in the last 2 years I have menstruated every 27 days so it was a huge shock that on day 23 I got my period. Not only did I not have any supplies but I spent the day on a school bus with 40 screaming preteens, attended cirucs school with the kids, went to space camp, went on a 2 hour walking tour and ended the night playing laser tag and bowling. There is not enough Aleve in the world that could have helped me. Plus not one public bathroom in Montreal was equipment with sanitary supplies and I could not find a pharmacy. I am wondering if the pharamones from all the girls on the trip set off my cycle. What else could it be?
Here we go again!!!

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