Monday, May 10, 2010

All the signs are pointing to a BFN

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I guess it went the way it was supposed to go. I had bought my mother a huge hydranga (I am sure that isn't spelled properly!) and as I took the turn at the end of our street it fell off the back seat and landed up side down, snapping most of the blooms off. Then when I turned around to see the dirt and disaster that had covered the back seat I dropped my Diet Coke that I was drinking. Next I headed to the grocery store (I was in charge of desert and lord knows I don't bake) and I had forgotten my wallet at home. I ended up having to borrow money from my mom to buy desert (what a thoughtful daughter, I know). Then my sister had bought tulips for every mother that was invited (of course I was the only grown woman without a bunch). Good times.
To top it all off I have my period cramps and the regular signs of mensturation so there will be absolutely no need to test this month.
I am off to Ottawa/Montreal tomorrow with my class so that should take my mind off things.
I hope everyone else survived the worst day of the year (I joke!).

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  1. I finally relented and went to dinner with Dans family for mothers day when he told me no one was going to mention it, and that everyone was treating it just as a day out with family.

    Then my father in law started to sing "happy mothers day to you"


    Good times.