Saturday, June 4, 2011

A therapist, a bleeding cerix, and lots of drugs

Although things have started to move forward it feels like time is moving at a snails pace. Every day feels like a week and every week feels like a month. Anyways, we have made progress. Today we had our therapy session required by law to proceed with this process. We (Hubby, sister, and sister's husband) met with the Psychiatrist at the Fertility clinic today and all went well. Although I resent having to pay an addition $650 for a government required appointment I actually enjoyed talking to someone about the process, not about the medical stuff but focusing on the emotional end of it. I wish hubby spoke more but I knew that wouldn't happen so I am just pleased that I got to let go of some feelings. The Dr. couldn't have been more of a typical Shrink pony tail and all.
Another move forward is that my sister starts taking her Superfact on Monday. It actually took me by surprise that they changed her back to the long protocol but I guess it makes sense because she has 14 follicles and not the 6 we thought, she has low FSH, and we figured out her estrogen is high because she is overweight and has diabetes. I have also started to get my uterus ready for the transfer(it seems early to me but I am going with it). I have had one shot of Lupron (seems weird because on some other blogs I have follow the women doing donor egg cycles seem to be taking more injections). I have also started taking estrogen pills two pills two times a day. The only side effects I have experienced is migranes but that could be because we have been dealing with terrible weather and rain always causes me to have headaches. From what the clinic has explained to me I only have to have the lupron shots when my uterus gets really thick and they fear that it might shed. Does that mean I am not going to have my period before the transfer? The potential transfer day (if my uterus is thick and juicy and doesn't shed) is July 1. It is only a month away but it might as well be a decade because time just moves too slowly!
Luckily I have a whirlwind week ahead to occupy my thoughts. I am off to Quebec with my class for 4 days and I anticipate it being exhauting and all consuming like last year.
One major concern for me is that my cervix is bleeding and nobody cares. It just doesn't make sense that the clinic acts like a bleeding cervix is no big deal. I can barely get through a pap smear because of my cervix pain, it bleeds when anyone looks at it, and this cycle it has been bleeding for 2 weeks. It isn't a heavy bleed but it still disturbs me. I know I am being an alarmist but seriously do I have cervical cancer? I have had the swab and nothing abnormal has been found but it just doesn't make sense that it bleeds. Plus I am worried that it will not allow me to carry a baby.


  1. Yay! for getting things ready. I know how excited you are for all of this finally to be moving forward. Your cervix sounds exactly mine. I was always having weird spotting throughout my period and my cervix also bleeds for pap smears. You more than likely have a friable cervix. Last month (not sure if you read my blog), I had cryosurgery done to stop the bleeding/spotting that happens every.single.month. Well, guess what, no spotting this month and I had a strictly 5 day period. It's like Heaven. ;) Anyway, you can look it up. It shouldn't affect your transfer or a pregnancy, for that matter. It's more annoying than anything. Good luck with everything coming up! ;)

  2. Good Luck! Just wanted to also let you know that your migraines are most likely the fault of your estrogen. I suffer from migraine headaches and when I have to take estrogen pills, they become debilitating. My doctor was able to decrease my dose a little. Praying everything works out for all of you!

  3. Glad to hear everything's progressing, and moving forward! So weird about the bleeding cervix - I hope you get an answer. But if nobody seems concerned, maybe you shouldn't be either. But weird!