Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confused but what's new!!!

Well I have been looking back at my old posts and my sister's cycle is going very similar to my first IVF cycle. Let's just hope the results are different. So my sister is now on Day 8 of stimming and she has 6 (ish) measureable follicles. The lead two follicles are 1.6, there is another one that measures 1.5, then close behind are two that are 1.4 and finally the last little straggler is a wee 1.1. They don't think the little one will make it to the retrieval so I am not sure why they even count it. My sister is over the moon but I can't say I feel the same way. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but they just aren't the results that I wanted. I guess the thoughts going through my head are: Why would we pay $6000 for the retrieval with so few follicles/eggs? What if only a couple fertilize? What are the chances we will get high quality embryos? Will we even get any frosties? What if he follicles are empty like mine were? I am back where I was last Decemeber. Only now I am more jaded and have less money in the bank. I think I mentioned before that my sister offered to go through the stimming process again but I know if we go through with the retrieval I won't be able to ask her again. What would you ladies do? Would you continue to the retrieval? Would you save the money to pursue other options (adoption/egg donor)
Sorry for not commenting on anyones blogs, something is wrong with my blogger and it just kicks me out when I try!!


  1. That is so so hard.

    No one can really answer that questions for you. You have to go by your gut and the advice of your doctor.

    If it were me and the results weren't optimal and egg quality was in question, I would probably save the money and do egg donation. But that is me.

    Maybe talk to your sister and ask what she thinks. What does your hubby think?

  2. dislike... I hate that you are in this spot right now. Think of you!

  3. What a tough position you are in right now. That is such a difficult question.
    I have no idea what I would do, but I will be thinking of you and hope that whatever answer you chose it leads you to your baby.

  4. Such a difficult decision. There's no way to know what next time will look like, so it's so hard! I would definitely talk it through with your sis and husband, and make a decision together. And then try not to regret the decision! I know, even harder!

    Have you tried Google Chrome? I downloaded it to use as my internet browser, and have had no issues with Blogger.

  5. I'm so sorry you're having to make this call! I wish there was an easy answer to give but I won't pretend that I'd know what to do if I were in your situation.

    It sounds like we have alot in common, including husbands with super-sperm (although my doc has a theory about super high sperm counts being a bad thing...)

    For blogger commenting read my last post, I finally figured it out and am able to comment again!