Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad News???

I think we had some bad news today but maybe I am just a skeptic. Today was my sister's 4th day of stimming and she only has one measurable follicle (1.1). I assume this is terrible news but I honestly can't be sure. These are the same results that I had when I stimmed and it always resulted in crappy retrievals or cancelled cycles but I hope this isn't the case. I am hoping someone else can tell me that they only had one measureable follicle at this point but went on to retrieve multiple eggs but I don't want to be overly optimistic. In total she is showing 12 follicles (6 on each ovary) but the rest are too small to measure. I hate false hope, I wish the clinic would give realistic predictions.
I feel terrible for my sister because she feels guilty and this is obviously not my intention. I didn't let her know that I was worried and reassured her that because her estrogen is high we have nothing to worry about. I just don't know if I believe it myself!!
Please keep your fingers crossed for us.


  1. oh no!!! I am so sorry that things are not going as planned. I hope that things pick up a bit or that they can play with her meds to start things moving.
    wishing love and luck to you both. And wishing that things were just easier in general.

  2. I am so sorry,

    hang in there, and do you best to stay positive, stress will not help,

    You are still early and as cgd says maybe they can play with her meds, maybe they have a few lacking that will catch up in the next day or two!!

    I am saying a prayer for your sister and those follicles!!!

  3. This is so tough going through the process, and I can only imagine that watching your sister go through the process for you is harder! I really hope they can jump up the meds and she can develop more follies! Good luck!

  4. oh kc - i'm sorry you are feeling this way after 4 days of stims. i'm not exactly sure what they should be at given her age, but the fact that they can see 12 there is good I think! i'll hold onto your hope for you right now. thinking of you - (Tippy/Kathleen)

  5. I never stimmed for IVF, but when I was doing injections, it was always 12-15 days, and they didn't ever do a scan before 7 days, simply because there wasn't much going on that early. Sorry, don't know if thats much help, but holding your hand during this time!