Sunday, August 25, 2013

Epic Fail!!!!

So hubby had a very rare weekend off. He works at a Golf Course so he literally works every weekend so when he managed to score this weekend off we wanted to plan something special. We decided to head to Niagara Falls for a fun filled weekend. We loaded the boys in the car and headed out. They did a fantastic job in the car and we had an amazing day. HOWEVER, they refused to sleep in the very nice hotel room we booked. We are usually bargain shoppers and never pay retail for anything and this time we splurged. We got a two bedroom suite with a separate living room and it SHOULD have been perfect. Well, not so much. I should say that I am a schedule person. Not in my regular life but in my twin mommy life. The boys generally only nap in their cribs, I have made a point of not napping them in car seats or stroller and taught them to self sooth early on. The result is they are awesome sleepers. I can plop them in their cribs and they roll over and go to sleep (for as long as I can remember). They barely ever fight a nap and if anything sometimes we have to wake them up from naps so that bedtime isn't pushed back. So my first mistake was probably not napping the boys at home in the morning. Basically by 6pm we had overtired boys who had napped about 45 minutes all day (they usually nap about 4 hours). Our assumption that they would be exhausted and fall into their cribs was VERY wrong. They lost their minds and we ended up having to leave the hotel and 3am to head home. I am so sick about it because we had an entire day planned today and missed out on so much fun. Plus, what a waste of money.
Anyways, live and learn and we did make some memories.


  1. Sorry the trip didn't go as planned! That's too bad. I'm glad you did make some good memories though.

    1. Thanks, we will give it another try in a couple of months!